Hollywood’s Greatest: Then and Now – Christopher Plummer

After paying tribute to some of the greatest award-winning films to ever hit the big screen, it’s only fair to pay tribute to some of the greatest Classic Movie actors and actresses who are still living and working today. These living legends will forever be idolized by today’s upcoming actors and actresses, as they paved the way for everyone else to follow. And what better way to begin this list then with an actor who just won his first Academy Award this year? That’s right. Some of you know him as Captain Von Trapp. Me? I know him as Charles Muntz. I know him as Leo Tolstoy. I know him as Hal Fields. But we all know him as the legendary — Christopher Plummer

Christopher Plummer

Prominent Roles
Stage Struck (1957) as Joe Sheridan
The Sound of Music (1965) as Captain Von Trapp
The Night of the Generals (1967) as Field Marshall Rommel
The Return of the Pink Panther (1975) as Sir Charles Litton
The Man Who Would Be King (1975) as Rudyard Kipling
Murder by Decree (1979) as Sherlock Holmes
The Amateur (1981) as Professor Lakos
Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country (1991) as General Chang
The Insider (1999) as Mike Wallace
A Beautiful Mind (2001) as Dr. Rosen
Up (2009) as Charles Muntz
The Last Station (2009) [Nominated for Best Supporting Actor] as Leo Tolstoy
Beginners (2011) [Won Best Supporting Actor – First Ever Oscar Win] as Hal Fields
The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (2011) as Henrik Vanger
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