Fred Flintstone’s Big Break: Gary Granite’s Stunt Double…

Roll-‘Em, Action! Classic Movie Cartoon Tribute!

Although Cary Grant did not do the voice acting for his cartoon debut in The Flintstones, I guess you could still say that he still was ‘immortalized in stone’ — as Hollyrock Matinee Idol, Gary Granite — in The Flintstones’ episode “Monster from the Tar Pits” (Season 1, Episode 6,  Nov 4, 1940).

FYI: The voice acting was performed by Bob Hopkins, who appeared in about 60 film & TV roles, mostly in uncredited and bit parts.

Gary Granite in The Flintstones "Monster from the Tar Pits"Bob Hopkins as the voice of Gary Granite — the cartoon ‘avatar’ of Cary Grant

Gary Granite in The Monster from the Tar Pits in The FlinstonesGary Granite ‘preparing’ for a scene!

Director: Now Gary, in this scene you are climbing the cliff and at the top is Rock Pile (actor) with the girl you love, but you are having a little trouble because Rock Pile is dropping boulders on your head…Prop Man? Did you get the fake boulder?…Never mind, we’ll use real ones…Mr. Flintstone!…


Fred Flinstone as Gary Granite's Stunt Double in Monster from the Tar PitsFred Flintstone (Alan Reed) as Gary Granite’s Stunt Double


Monster from the Tar Pits Flintstones

“Monster from the Tar Pits” Video Clip from the WB website

By the way, that’s Hollyrock Starlet ‘Tuesday Wednesday’ (LOL Tuesday Weld?) in the arms of Granite


–Annmarie Gatti for Classic Movie Hub

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