“Charlie Chaplin: A Brief Life” Book Giveaway Twitter Contest (Week of December 1)

Book Giveaway: “Charlie Chaplin: A Brief Life” by Peter Ackroyd
We’re giving away two more books this week via Twitter!

Well, we had two lucky winners last week, but we’ve still got lots more books to giveaway! That said, we’re giving away TWO more BOOKs this week too! Here’s what you need to do to enter this week’s Twitter giveaway contest…

In order to qualify for this week’s Charlie Chaplin: A Brief Life Giveaway on Twitter, you must complete the following task by Friday, December 5 at 7PM EST (i.e. any time between now and December 5 at 7PM EST). The winner and/or winners will be selected via random drawing and announced on Twitter the following day.

Charlie Chaplin: A Brief Life by Peter Ackroyd


ENTRY TASK (2-parts):

1) Answer the below question via the comment section at the bottom of this blog post 

2) Then TWEET (not DM) the following message:
Just entered to win “Charlie Chaplin: A Brief Life” courtesy of @ClassicMovieHub & @doubledaypub
BY Friday, December 5, 7PM EST

How did you first ‘discover’ Charlie Chaplin? 

AND — I am happy to say that Continental United States (excluding Alaska, Hawaii, and the territory of Puerto Rico) AND Canadian entrants are eligible to enter. (see contest rules for further information)

BlogHub members ARE also eligible to win if they live within the Continental United States (as noted above) and/or Canada.

If you have any questions, please feel free to DM me on Twitter @classicmoviehub.

And if you can’t wait to win the book, you can purchase it on amazon via the below link (click on image):


–Annmarie Gatti for Classic Movie Hub

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20 Responses to “Charlie Chaplin: A Brief Life” Book Giveaway Twitter Contest (Week of December 1)

  1. Carl says:

    I can’t even remember when I first heard about Chaplin, it seems like he’s always been part of my consciousness. There was probably a moment when I wondered “what the heck is the big deal with this old-fashioned silent movie stuff?” and took a look. I do remember being surprised at how funny that old stuff was. Thanks

  2. Christina Sharpe says:

    When I first watched Benny and Joon, and Johnny Depp did the ‘dancing rolls’ sequence, I had to find out what that was from. From then I discovered The Gold Rush and Charlie Chaplin for the first time.

  3. Joan O'Malley says:

    Seems I always knew of him but had never seen his work. We didn’t have cable at home but would watch TCM at the lake cottage we rented. There’s where I first saw him. TCM opened my world to classic movies!

  4. Victoria Rendon says:

    I don’t remember when I first discovered Charlie Chapin but I remember seeing Lucille Ball dress up as him on The Lucy Show and it hit me that that’s who she was imitating and then I began to watch his films.

  5. Julia Ricci says:

    I knew who Charlie Chaplin was since I was about twelve, but I never got around to seeing any of his films. I didn’t really discover him until I took a film genres class last year with a professor who is a Chaplin scholar. For some reason we hadn’t watched anything Chaplin in class yet (maybe because Chaplin was covered in a different course). One of my friends and I always talked about how Chaplin’s films were on our list of “need to see” films, so one weekend (almost exactly a year ago) we went to the library and rented six of his feature films: City Lights, The Kid, The Gold Rush, The Circus, Modern Times, and The Great Dictator, and watched them all. I had never laughed so hard in my life; i couldn’t believe I waited that long to finally check him out. Funny enough, the next week in class we watched Richard Attenborough’s Chaplin starring Robert Downey Jr. (As a biography film) so it worked out that we got to see the real Chaplin’s films first. It made the biopic much more enjoyable.

    • Annmarie Gatti says:

      How wonderful on all counts — learning about him in class and renting the movies for a marathon weekend! And, then seeing the Downey film as well (which I thought was well done IMHO)!

    • Annmarie Gatti says:

      Hi, just a reminder, please tweet the message as noted in this post so that you can fully qualify. Would hate to see you miss out on entering this one…

  6. Dorothy Winnett says:

    I first discovered Charlie Chaplin when I became a classic movie fan watching all the classic movies on PBS , Then when I got cable TV & fell in love with TCM. I had never seen any of his movies untill then only knew his name. What little information I have on Charlie Chaplin he was a fascinating person. I wish they (TCM) show more of his movies on silent Sunday.

  7. Diana says:

    I don’t even know how old I was when my mom first showed me Modern Times.

  8. Barry P. says:

    My first Charlie Chaplin “discovery” was watching Modern Times in college. I was never quite the same again (in a good way).

  9. Gail Pascaris says:

    I don’t remember a time when I wasn’t aware of Charlie Chaplin. Mom taught me all about the movies. Before VCRs, we highlighted the movies in TV Guide, set the alarm for the late, late, late show and watched all we could. I was so excited to see Gold Rush on the big screen last year. What a treat.

  10. Sanjanaa says:

    I don’t really remember when I discovered him. I always knew who he was, but it wasn’t until college when I actually watched one of his films. I took a “Music in Film” course, so we spent a great deal of time on the silent film era. We mainly would watch clips of popular movies during the time, but we watched City Lights in its entirety, because my teacher was a huge Chaplin fan. I then started trying to watch as many movies of his as I could find. I even was able to borrow a couple from my teacher! I ended up writing my final analysis paper on music from the silent film era.

  11. Andrea Lemon says:

    One snowy night I stumbled across “The Kid” while Chanel surfing. I fell in love with Chaplain that night

  12. Kristy Laforet says:

    I had heard the name Charlie Chaplin mentioned when I was a kid but I had never seen any of his movies. In high school, my drama teacher made me angry one day in drama class because I didn’t recognize Charlie Chaplin’s Little Tramp character. After that happened, I had to see at least one Charlie Chaplin movie. Unfortunately, we didn’t have TCM at the time. However, once our cable company finally added TCM to our channel line-up, I watched “The Gold Rush” and instantly fell in love with the movie and him as an actor. From watching that one movie, I wanted to know more about him and, more importantly, I wanted to see more of his movies, which I did.

  13. Kate I. says:

    My awareness of the Little Tramp dates to my elementary school years. My classmates and I occasionally would get to watch a film via a projector (VCRs not yet having been invented). All these year later, I’m not sure which of his titles were shown. We got to see a variety of silent films. Buster Keaton was another stand-out. We also saw a good deal of Bob Ross and his “happy little trees” … I think our educational viewing occurred during times of inclement weather that precluded playground activities during recess or lunch. Now I can DVR anything that comes along on TCM!

  14. Dorothy Winnett says:

    Thank you Classic Movie Hub and Double Day Publishers for the wonderful gift of the book Charlie Chaplin: A Brief Life. I am so looking forward to reading it. !!!!!!

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