Barbara Stanwyck: Steel-True Enter-to-Win Trivia Question (Friday Dec 27)

Time for the Final Trivia Question (red font below) to win the Final Copy of A Life of Barbara Stanwyck: Steel-True 1907-1940 by Victoria Wilson, courtesy of Simon & Schuster (remember, in order to win, you must have already pre-qualified via the Qualifying Entry Task)


In A Life of Barbara Stanwyck: Steel-True 1907-1940, Stanwyck’s life and career are covered until 1940 just about at the point where she signed on to star in a Frank Capra film that would also star Gary Cooper. What is the name of that 1941 Capra film? (TWEET your answer to @classicmoviehub)   [if you need a hint scroll below]

The FIRST person (who already completed this week’s Qualifying Entry Task) to correctly TWEET the answer to the above question — wins! :) 

If you need help with the answer, please click here. And here is a picture hint:

Meet John Doe

You can read more about the book here at Simon & Schuster.

Or read about it via our Exclusive Interview with Victoria Wilson here.

And if you can’t wait to win the book, you can buy it right now on amazon:

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