A Classic Quiz: Test Your Knowledge of Hollywood’s Golden Age Stars

Test Your Knowledge of Hollywood’s Golden Age Stars

A Big Thank You to authors James Bawden and Ron Miller of Conversations with Classic Film Stars for putting together this fun little quiz for us! Test your ‘Classic Knowledge’ by answering these fun questions in the comment section below! We’ll share the answers next Monday, right here on this Blog. Some of these are tough, so Good Luck!

  1. Name the actor who won two Academy Awards for playing the same character in the same film in the same year.
  2. The actress who played the title role in the Broadway play Claudia also made her screen debut playing the same role in the 1943 film version of the play. Who was she?
  3. Archibald Leach changed his name when he began to appear in movies. What was his new name?
  4. Fred Astaire’s dancing partner in A Damsel in Distress went on to win the Best Actress Academy Award a few years later, who was she?
  5. She was romanced by John Wayne in Flying Tigers, then was locked up in an insane asylum by Boris Karloff in Bedlam. Who was she?
  6. Bob Hope sang the Oscar-winning song “Thanks for the Memory” in The Big Broadcast of 1938. Name the other Oscar-winning song that Hope sang on screen.
  7. In Miss Sadie Thompson [1953], Rita Hayworth played the same character that Joan Crawford played in Rain [1932]. But who played the same character before them in the 1928 Sadie Thompson?
  8. Mia Farrow played Allison Mackenzie in the TV series Peyton Place, but who earned an Oscar nomination for playing the same role in the 1955 movie Peyton Place?
  9. Name the actress who sang “Smoke Gets in Your Eyes” in the musical Roberta.
  10. Which actor began his movie career as one of the leading stars of Citizen Kane, the 1941 film many critics believe to be the best-ever American film, but eventually ended up starring in a 1971 Italian film called Lady Frankenstein.


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6 Responses to A Classic Quiz: Test Your Knowledge of Hollywood’s Golden Age Stars

  1. Laura A. says:

    2. Dorothy McGuire
    3. Cary Grant
    5. Anna Lee
    10. Joseph Cotten

  2. Charles W. Callahan says:

    !. Barry Fitzgerald

    2. Dorothy Maguire

    3. Cary Grant

    4. Joan Fontaine

    5. Anna Lee

    6. Buttons and Bows

    7. Gloria Swanson

    8. Diane Varsi

    9. Irene Dunne

    10, Joseph Cotton

  3. beachgal says:

    1. Fredric March won for playing both Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde 2. Dorothy McGuire, 3. Cary Grant, 4. Joan Fontaine, 5. Anna Lee, 6. Buttons and Bows in The Paleface. 7. Gloria Swanson, 8. Diane Varsi, 9. Irene Dunne, 10 Joe Cotten.

  4. beachgal says:

    1. Harold Russell

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