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5 Things You May Not Know about Thelma Ritter

Classic Movie Hub Blog Posted by minooallen on Feb 14, 2017

  5 Things You May Not Know about Thelma Ritter Like that today would have been her birthday. Happy 115th Birthday to the legend Thelma Ritter! 1.) She was a born romantic The face of romantic… Well, perhaps she wasn’t a born a romantic but she was born on the most commercially romantic read more

10 Things You May Not Know About Thelma Ritter

Classic Movie Man Posted by Stephen Reginald on Jan 20, 2017

10 Things You May Not Know About Thelma Ritter Thelma Ritter is one of the most beloved character actresses of all time (at least according to me anyway). She appeared in many classic films starting with Miracle on 34th Street. Test your knowledge of this iconic actress by checking out the 10 f read more

Seven Things to Know About Thelma Ritter

Classic Film & TV Cafe Posted by Rick29 on Feb 18, 2015

1. Thelma was nominated six times in the Best Supporting Actress category--and somehow never won an Oscar. The nominations were for her performances in: All About Eve (1951); The Mating Season (1952); With a Song in My Heart (1953); Pickup on South Street (1954); Pillow Talk (1960); and Birdman read more

Thelma Ritter Shines in The Mating Season

Classic Film & TV Cafe Posted by Rick29 on Aug 21, 2014

Within days of meeting under unusual circumstances, Val McNulty (John Lund) and Maggie Carleton (Gene Tierney) decide to get married. Val is a working-class junior executive who believes Maggie's family is affluent. Yet, while Maggie's mother has hobnobbed with royalty as an ambassador's wife, the f read more

Exclusive Interviews Celebrate Thelma Ritter’s Legacy

Christy Putnam Posted by Christy Putnam on Aug 19, 2014

The director of Airport, the biggest Universal blockbuster in 1970, whose $45 million in earnings wouldn’t be topped until Spielberg’s Jaws in 1975, and a character actress with 6 nominations had a connection that made history for both of them. George Stenius, whose family hailed from St read more

The Moment I Fell for Thelma Ritter

Cary Grant Won't Eat You Posted by Judy on Jun 12, 2014

I feel comfortable with those who are generous with sarcasm. My dad is a smartass, my sisters, my aunts, my best friend, my husband. Not surprisingly, most of my favorite female performers share this trait in their films, including flawless character actress Thelma Ritter. Ritter was nominated for read more

What a Character! Blogathon: Thelma Ritter

Family Friendly Reviews Posted by Chris on Nov 9, 2013

Thelma Ritter and James Stewart in “Rear Window” (1954)A bit about Thelma Ritter for the What a Character! Blogathon hosted by Kellee (@IrishJayHawk66) of Outspoken & Freckled, Paula (@Paula_Guthat) of Paula’s Cinema Club and Aurora (@CitizenScreen) of Once Upon a Screen. In w read more

Classic Movie Legend Tribute: Thelma Ritter

Classic Movie Hub Blog Posted by minooallen on Feb 14, 2013

  Happy Birthday to Classic Movie Legend, Thelma Ritter, born February 14th, 1902! Friendship is something most people strive for. Humans are naturally social, pack-like animals. We like to be in groups, we like to play on teams, and in general, we like other people. However, we tend to not lik read more

Thelma Ritter, WHAT A CHARACTER!

Once Upon a Screen Posted by Aurora on Sep 22, 2012

Born in Brooklyn, New York on St. Valentine’s Day in 1905, Thelma Ritter was doing stock company bit parts around New York even before finishing high school.  Thelma later trained at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts and worked for 14 years on stage, mostly in New England stock companies. read more

Who’s that girl?: Thelma Ritter

True Classics Posted by Brandie on Feb 28, 2011

One of the most visible and beloved supporting players of the 1950s was a middle-aged, theater-trained actress from Brooklyn, Thelma Ritter. You may not know her name, but if you’re a classic movie fan, you know her face. Ritter appeared in supporting roles in a series of big-name films opposite read more