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Russian Rhapsody (1944, Robert Clampett)

The Stop Button Posted by Andrew Wickliffe on May 31, 2014

Russian Rhapsody is a strange–and very funny–cartoon. First, as a historical document, it's a Hollywood cartoon mocking Hitler (before the end of the war and the extent of his atrocities became clear). In Rhapsody, he's an obnoxious windbag and there are a bunch of good jokes read more

The Great Piggy Bank Robbery (1946, Robert Clampett)

The Stop Button Posted by on Oct 27, 2011

Is that Porky Pig cameoing in The Great Piggy Bank Robbery? I kept expecting him to be revealed as the big villain. The story concerns Daffy Duck getting clomped on the head and imagining himself in a Dick Tracy adventure. Now, for Tracy fans, there’s a lot to see, including some inventive takes on read more

The Hep Cat (1942, Robert Clampett)

The Stop Button Posted by on Oct 13, 2011

In the last minute and a half of The Hep Cat, Clampett finally comes up with some really interesting shots. The short’s a cat and dog one. It follows the standard. Dumb dog versus a mean, vain and not much smarter cat. The titular hep cat breaks out into a song routine, but it’s not enough to separ read more