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Slightly Scarlet (1956): Starring Arlene Dahl and Rhonda Fleming

4 Star Films Posted by 4 Star Film Fan on Jan 10, 2020

It’s a grievous offense, but I must admit to clumping Rhonda Fleming and Arlene Dahl in a category together. They are both redheads of immense beauty, around the same age, and while they both featured in some quality films, they never quite reached the apex of a Maureen O’Hara or a pred read more


All Good Things Posted by monty on Aug 18, 2012

Rhonda looking so serene read more

Pawsome Pet Pictures: Rhonda Fleming.

Noir and Chick Flicks Posted by Dawn on Jul 13, 2011

Personal Quote: What I didn't care for was everything made in those days was black and white, very hard black and white too, there was nothing really pretty about it, even my auburn hair became jet black. read more