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Jesus Christ Superstar (1973, Norman Jewison)

The Stop Button Posted by Andrew Wickliffe on Apr 1, 2017

There’s a lot bad about Jesus Christ Superstar. Some of it is casting, a lot of it is Jewison’s direction choices. He’s clearly thrilled to be shooting in the Middle East, but it doesn’t connect to his actual narrative. It connects to the subject matter, just not the film Jewison ends up making. read more

In the Heat of the Night (1967, Norman Jewison)

The Stop Button Posted by on Sep 29, 2010

Warren Oates can be affable. I had no idea. In the Heat of the Night is a bit of a disappointment–not the acting, not the directing, just the script. The film plods as the script tries to come up with excuses to keep going. Stirling Silliphant’s dialogue is good, there’s no problem with it read more

Happy Birthday Norman Jewison (1926-present)

Noir and Chick Flicks Posted by monty on Jul 21, 2010

The legendary director turns 84 today and while not directing as much, is still alive and in good health as far as I know. His list of credits include Moonstruck (for which he won an Oscar for Best Director), A Soldier's Story (1984), In The Heat Of The Night (1967), The Thomas Crown Affair (1968), read more

Moonstruck (1987, Norman Jewison)

The Stop Button Posted by on Dec 17, 2008

I’ve seen Moonstruck once before–though I’d forgotten the terrible opening titles–and I think (I repressed the experience) that time I had the same response I just had this time. Moonstruck makes me worried I have brain damage. The first three quarters of the film, roughly u read more

Book Review--McQueen, Poitier and the Thrill of Filmmaking in Norman Jewison: A Director's Life

Classic Movies Posted by KC on Nov 30, -0001

Norman Jewison: A Director's LifeIra WellsSutherland House, 2021  “I’ve met very few people who have his kind of passion, where it’s just in every aspect of his life.” -Harry Belafonte about Norman Jewison His films are a familiar part of popular culture: Moonstr read more