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Blanche Sweet an American silent film actress (1)

Classic Cinema Gold Posted by Art on Jun 18, 2013

  Blanche Sweet was an American silent film actress who began her career in the earliest days of the Hollywood motion picture film industry.   Blanche Sweet was born Sarah Blanche Sweet on June 18, 1896 in Chicago, Illinois. Her family was theater and vaudeville performers and she entered read more

Blanche Sweet: The Massacre (1914)

Noir and Chick Flicks Posted by Dawn on Jun 25, 2012

Video: The Massacre is a 1914 silent film directed by D. W. Griffith and released by Biograph Studios. The film stars Blanche Sweet and Wilfred Lucas. The film was shot in 1912 and released in Europe that year, but not released in the United States until 1914. read more

A tribute to Blanche Sweet

Noir and Chick Flicks Posted by Silentfilmfanatic on Jun 23, 2012

By 1927, when many of the leading ladies of the nickelodeon era had faded from the screen and their acting opportunities limited to supporting roles, Blanche Sweet was still a popular star. When Blanche Sweet made “Show Girl in Hollywood” (1930) she had no reason to believe she did no read more

“The Painted Lady” (1912) Blanche Sweet

Noir and Chick Flicks Posted by Silentfilmfanatic on Oct 28, 2010

“The Painted Lady” (1912) is one of the many silent short films D.W. Griffith directed at Biograph. In these primarily one-reelers, Griffith introduced many innovations into films like close-ups, cross-cutting and flashbacks. The story begins with a young woman, played by Blanche read more