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Lilly Daché—Hollywood’s Mad Hatter

Movie Star Makeover Posted by Kay Noske on Mar 23, 2013

If you’re watching a stylish movie and you find yourself thinking “where *did* she get that hat??” you’re unconsciously paying tribute to Hollywood’s favorite hatter, Lilly Daché. At least 75% (and probably more like 90%) of the hats you see on screen, across the studios and on virtually read more

Reel to Real: Spring is having a mod Marlo moment

Movie Star Makeover Posted by Kay Noske on Mar 3, 2013

It’s snowing here. Again. And as much as I enjoy the picturesque quality of a fleecy blanket of crystalline beauty from Mom Nature, enough already. What better time to direct your attention to a woman who personified the optimism and joy of Springtime? Ladies, I give you Marlo Thomas in her beloved read more

Model in the meantime, Betty

Movie Star Makeover Posted by Kay Noske on Feb 4, 2013

If I read one more “empowering” article about how I should quit my humdrum job and join the circus, I’m going to scream. Not that I’m against dream-following, mind you. It’s just the utter impracticality of it all that galls me. Not everyone has an obliging sugar-daddy to bankroll that hand-crafted read more

That Twirl: What Loretta Taught Marlo

Movie Star Makeover Posted by Kay Noske on Jan 14, 2013

Since Turner Classic Movies channel has been running Loretta Young films every Weds this January, a lot of people are discovering what her fans already know: this elegant lady is a timeless style icon. Her effortless elegance is evident whether she’s a hard-knocks working girl or a hoop-skirted hero read more

Portrait of a Lady: Loretta Young

Movie Star Makeover Posted by Kay Noske on Dec 31, 2012

There are a lot of celebrations around Loretta Young’s 100th birthday—Turner Classic Movies has made her the Star of the Month; The Hollywood Museum has mounted a glittering, gorgeous exhibit that spans the years of Loretta’s career, from fresh-faced teen to grande dame; her loving family has read more

Sun Valley Smackdown: Sonja Henie vs. Lynn Bari–Dueling Divas

Movie Star Makeover Posted by Kay Noske on Dec 19, 2012

Sun Valley Serenade is a charming, quasi-holiday picture that exposes some of the deepest, darkest “how to steal a man” secrets ever depicted, by a surprise expert.To a soundtrack of smooth Glenn Miller songs, innocent little Norwegian refugee Karen Benson (Sonja Henie) trounces the sleek, chic, read more

The best things happen when she’s dancing: Vera-Ellen

Movie Star Makeover Posted by Kay Noske on Dec 11, 2012

General Waverly is out of step, out of touch, and out of luck. He’s invested his life savings in the Columbia Inn in Pine Tree,Vermont. Instead of the bustling ski lodge of his dreams, he owns what smart-alecky housekeeper Emma calls a “Tyrolean haunted house.” It’s 60 degrees in December, there read more

Reel to Real: Baby, It’s Cold Outside!

Movie Star Makeover Posted by Kay Noske on Nov 24, 2012

Well, here it is, the first snowy day and you reach into your closet to pull out the same tired old coat you wore last year. And the year before. And maybe before. I’ll bet you it’s black, since 90% of the coats for women on the market are funeral, sold to gullible gals like us under the heading read more

Bette's Got Your Six, Boys

Movie Star Makeover Posted by Kay Noske on Nov 8, 2012

I am ridiculously corny about WWII movies, probably because my dad was a WWII vet and I’m in that group of people who believe that generation truly was our greatest. So, as a salute to our veterans, here’s a story that’s not told often enough. Meet an improbable pin-up who fought and finagled read more

Edith Headquarters 4: The Torch-Bearer

Movie Star Makeover Posted by Kay Noske on Oct 27, 2012

When Turner Classic Movies (TCM) needed a podcast expert for their marvelous month-long “Battle of the Blondes” series in November 2011, they turned to Los Angeles fashion and film blogger Kimberly Truhler. Kimberly is a brainy blonde beauty who is the smarts and savvy behind www.GlamAmor.com, read more

Edith Headquarters 3: The Assistant

Movie Star Makeover Posted by Kay Noske on Oct 20, 2012

Last January, I grabbed up a bunch of other costume freaks from our local theater and headed to the Turning Stone Casino in upstate New York. We were making this pilgrimage to worship at the shrine of the “Icons of Hollywood” costume exhibit, curated by one of Edith Head’s assistants read more

Edith Headquarters 2: The Collector

Movie Star Makeover Posted by Kay Noske on Oct 13, 2012

The classic film fan/fashion freak Venn diagram has a pretty huge overlap area…so many classic film lovers I’ve met either came to old movies because of the costumes and stayed for the content, or they get their ya-yas out just watching the fashion parade swirl by on the Silver Screen an read more

Edith Headquarters 1: The Actress

Movie Star Makeover Posted by Kay Noske on Oct 6, 2012

If you’ve visited my website, you know it’s pretty much a shrine to one of the greatest of Hollywood’s costume designers, Edith Head. Why Edith? Well, aside from the accolades of the many actors who were made more beautiful, glamorous and comfy by her, thousands of style-obsessed movie fans, like read more

Movin’ on uppity

Movie Star Makeover Posted by Kay Noske on Sep 27, 2012

This is going to be one of those “compare and contrast” pieces your English teacher was so fond of forcing you to write. First, I’m going to gush about Diahann Carroll, whom I have worshipped since I was a teenager. Then, I’m going to introduce you to one of my image consulting clients. What read more

Sharpen your pencils, gals

Movie Star Makeover Posted by Kay Noske on Sep 3, 2012

Fall’s here and for me, there’s nothing quite as snappy on the autumn fashion parade as the perennial pencil skirt. It’s been a hit for decades (since WWII gals had to abbreviate their skirts to satisfy fabric rationing needs) and happily, almost every Star Style can rock one. (Not sure what your read more

Jeanette MacDiva

Movie Star Makeover Posted by Kay Noske on Aug 25, 2012

It’s a crime, really. Say the name Jeanette MacDonald to almost anyone (except a TCM fan) and you’ll get a blank stare for your trouble. And yet, she was one of the most popular actresses/singers of the 1930s and 40s, with box office numbers that rivaled, and often topped, her contemporaries read more

Irene Goes Wild (a little)

Movie Star Makeover Posted by Kay Noske on Aug 19, 2012

I first met Irene Dunne in one of my father’s stories. You have to know, first, that my father was a great storyteller—and because he was the night manager at RKO Keith’s in Washington DC in the 1930-40s, he told some humdingers. I never tired of him recounting how, at the end of Penny Serenade, read more

Lip Service

Movie Star Makeover Posted by Kay Noske on Jul 22, 2012

Say what you want about high heels; for me, the defining external hallmark of femininity is the painted lip. Most little girls reach for Mommy’s lipstick as soon as they can toddle. When I bought my first lipstick at 14—a totally inappropriate color of frosted pink I insisted on wearing because read more

Ann of a Thousand Taps

Movie Star Makeover Posted by Kay Noske on Jul 8, 2012

Polly-Annie Miller “I see a Star of Destiny, here. You will see her name, up in lights…” (gypsy fortune teller)   Ann Miller’s autobio, Miller’s High Life, is a weird and wonderful mix of gypsy fortune-telling, zodiac mumbo-jumbo, reincarnation and delightful, deliberate optimism. Yes, read more

Magic Wand: The Maybelline Interview

Movie Star Makeover Posted by Kay Noske on Jun 25, 2012

Every single girl in my high school had a tube of Maybelline mascara. It was, to us, the ONLY mascara; plump with promise that your newly enhanced lashes could waft a date your way. There’s a powerful amount of witchcraft in that small magic wand. When I discovered there was a tell-all memoir read more