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Cecil B. DeMille’s Hollywood – Book Giveaway (Sept)

Classic Movie Hub Blog Posted by Annmarie Gatti on Aug 29, 2021

“Cecil B. DeMille’s Hollywood”We have Four Books to Giveaway this Month! CMH is happy to announce our next Classic Movie Book Giveaway as part of our partnership with University Press of Kentucky! This time, we’ll be giving away FOUR COPIES of “Cecil B. DeMille’s read more

The Flight That Disappeared ( 1961 )

Silver Scenes - A Blog for Classic Film Lovers Posted by The Metzinger Sisters on Aug 29, 2021

Terror in the Sky....beyond known flight!Just when you thought you explored all the sci-fi films of the 1960s, "new" titles appear in a book or while browsing online. For us, it was The Flight that Disappeared that magically appeared. If the title is new to you, too, it is probably because it was ne read more

Serial Mom

Cinematic Catharsis Posted by Barry P. on Aug 28, 2021

(1994) Written and directed by John Waters; Starring: Kathleen Turner, Sam Waterston, Ricki Lake, Matthew Lillard, Mink Stole and Mary Jo Catlett; Available on Blu-ray and DVD Rating: ***½ “‘All My Trials’ was the chapter in Shock Value about going to murder trials all over read more

Review: Gidget Makes the Wrong Connection (1972)

Comet Over Hollywood Posted by on Aug 27, 2021

One piece of the Gidget franchise has eluded me for a few years: the Hanna-Barbera produced cartoon “Gidget Makes the Wrong Connection.” That’s right. Not only did the Gidget character find herself on the silver screen, TV shows and movies, and in books, Gidget was also featured in cartoon-form. read more

The Night of The Iguana (1964) and The God-Shaped Hole

4 Star Films Posted by 4 Star Film Fan on Aug 26, 2021

It’s a Sunday morning in St. James Episcopal Church. The minister pulls his sermon from Proverbs 25:28: “A man without self-control is like a city broken into and left without walls.” But there is an elephant in the room, an unspoken force coming between the shepherd and his sheep read more

Film Noir Review: Where Danger Lives (1950)

Classic Movie Hub Blog Posted by Danilo Castro on Aug 26, 2021

“I didn’t fall in love with a woman – I fell in love with a patient.” Robert Mitchum was part of a generation of leading men who rose to prominence in film noir. Along with Burt Lancaster, Alan Ladd, and Kirk Douglas, he was a B-lister who’s pulpy charisma catapulted him read more

Gary Cooper and Barbara Stanwyck are an unlikely pair in Howard Hawks’s “Ball of Fire”

Classic Movie Man Posted by Stephen Reginald on Aug 26, 2021

Gary Cooper and Barbara Stanwyck are an unlikely pair in Howard Hawks’s “Ball of Fire” Ball of Fire (1941) is an American romantic comedy directed by Howard Hawks and starring Gary Cooper and Barbara Stanwyck. The screenplay was by Charles Brackett and Billy Wilder. The c read more

Cinematic Matches: Films That Fit Well Together (Part 2)

The Wonderful World of Cinema Posted by Virginie Pronovost on Aug 26, 2021

About two years ago, I published an article where I discussed films that, in my opinion, would fit well together and make credible double features. Carol’s Double Bill blog series that she published on The Old Hollywood Garden inspired that idea. As a total, I made a list of ten matches, but t read more


Caftan Woman Posted by on Aug 25, 2021

Michaela at Love Letters to Old Hollywood is hosting The Fifth Annual Van Johnson Blogathon. Click HERE to access the tributes to the popular actor. The contribution from this corner of the internet is a look at Van in the 1954 film version of Brigadoon.Once a song and dance man, always a read more

Silents are Golden: 5 Flapper-Themed Films From The 1920s

Classic Movie Hub Blog Posted by Lea Stans on Aug 25, 2021

Silents are Golden: 5 Flapper-Themed Films From The 1920s In the mood for a film about the Roaring Twenties? Something lighthearted with plenty of bobbed hair, short skirts, hip flasks, and jazz? (Personally, my answer is always “yes.”) Save your modern takes like The Great Gatsby (2013) or Midni read more

WORLD CINEMA: Late Spring (1949)

The Old Hollywood Garden Posted by Carol Martinheira on Aug 25, 2021

WORLD CINEMA: Late Spring (1949) On August 25, 2021 By CarolIn Uncategorized For this month’s WORLD CINEMA, we go to Japan with one of Yasujiro Ozu’s greatest films, Late Spring (1949). A beautiful, sweet, simple tale with some of the greatest emot read more

Mae West Singing "Light My Fire"

Silver Scenes - A Blog for Classic Film Lovers Posted by The Metzinger Sisters on Aug 25, 2021

"There are no good girls gone wrong...just bad girls found out"This sounds like the lyrics of a rock song, but instead, these are words from the tongue of Mae West, one of the most famous actresses of the 1930s. This sassy bombshell certainly knew how to play the bad girl, both onscreen and off. Wit read more

Without the Lover There is No Beloved: An Appreciation of the Audience

A Person in the Dark Posted by FlickChick on Aug 24, 2021

This is a blogger's true confession.How I admire all of you who make art, who write about art, who inform and educate and thrill me with your creativity and insight. Movies have been my passion for most of my life, and yet I hardly care to know who directed it, who wrote it, who provided amazing lig read more

Seven Days in May (1964): A Twilight Zone America Strikes Close to Home

4 Star Films Posted by 4 Star Film Fan on Aug 24, 2021

The opening images of Seven Days in May could have easily been pulled out of the headlines. A silent protest continues outside the White House gates with hosts of signs decrying the incumbent president or at the very least the state of his America.  We don’t quite know his egregious act althou read more

Seven Things to Know About Roger Corman

Classic Film & TV Cafe Posted by Rick29 on Aug 23, 2021

1. Roger Corman produced Martin Scorsese's second feature-length film Boxcar Bertha (1972). In Corman and Jim Jerome's book How I Made a Hundred Movies in Hollywood and Never Lost a Dime, Scorsese recalled: "He once said, 'Martin, what you have to get is a very good first reel because read more

Noir Nook: New-to-Me Noir – The House on Telegraph Hill (1951)

Classic Movie Hub Blog Posted by Karen Burroughs Hannsberry on Aug 23, 2021

Noir Nook: New-to-Me Noir – The House on Telegraph Hill (1951) One of the many things that helped sustain me throughout the more-than-year-long COVID-19 shutdown was participating in a weekly classic movie Meetup. Each week, we were assigned a classic film to watch, and then we gathered via Zoom read more

Musical Monday: Broadway to Hollywood (1933)

Comet Over Hollywood Posted by on Aug 23, 2021

It’s no secret that the Hollywood Comet loves musicals. In 2010, I revealed I had seen 400 movie musicals over the course of eight years. Now that number is over 600. To celebrate and share this musical love, here is my weekly feature about musicals. This week’s musical: Broadway to Hollywood – read more


The Hitless Wonder Movie Blog Posted by Dan Day, Jr. on Aug 22, 2021

 KILL ME TOMORROW (1957) is the last film Terence Fisher directed before THE CURSE OF FRANKENSTEIN. It is a low-budget British black & white crime story, much in the same vein as the B pictures Fisher made for Hammer Films in the early 1950s. KILL ME TOMORROW attempts to be a gritty noir th read more

Watching Free Classic TV on Roku

Silver Scenes - A Blog for Classic Film Lovers Posted by The Metzinger Sisters on Aug 21, 2021

Last month my sister and I bought ourselves a Roku and we have just begun to explore the classic movie and TV treasures to be found with this device. We first discovered the apps and then started unearthing all the channels within the Live TV stations....there are hundreds of them! For those of read more

CRYPT OF THE VAMPIRE On Blu-ray From Severin

The Hitless Wonder Movie Blog Posted by Dan Day, Jr. on Aug 20, 2021

 One of the films included in the magnificent THE EUROCRYPT OF CHRISTOPHER LEE COLLECTION box set from Severin is CRYPT OF THE VAMPIRE, a 1963 film that has gone under many titles. The main title on the version presented in this Blu-ray set is LA CRIPTA E L'INCUBO. I had a Retromedia DVD of thi read more