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Breathtaking transparency

Carole & Co. Posted by carole_and_co on Feb 26, 2020

Carole Lombard had the good fortune to become popular just as color portrait photography took hold, as in the photo above used for the January 1940 cover of Photoplay. Later that year, Lombard posed for another shot in color, an image few if any have heretofore seen. Take a look at this, and you'll read more

Shadow of the Batgirl (2020)

The Stop Button Posted by on Feb 26, 2020

Shadow of the Batgirl is a bit of a bummer, though I’m not exactly sure why. It’d be nice if it were good. It’s not bad… not if you’re getting it from the library versus spending the sticker price. And there’s a big library subplot in the book so it’s appropriate. It just feels stretched read more

All Rise (2019) s01e16 – My Fair Lockdown

The Stop Button Posted by on Feb 25, 2020

This episode of “All Rise” has this super juicy White man part for guest star Ben Browder. Survivalist holds courtroom hostage; the cops came to kick him out of his home, which is apparently somewhere in the County of Los Angeles but remote enough you don’t see people and no one pays attention read more

Not just the ad...the entire issue

Carole & Co. Posted by carole_and_co on Feb 25, 2020

In Sunday's entry (, we noted several pages of an ad for Carole Lombard's "Mr. & Mrs. Smith" were available. We weren't completely sure of the source, but now we know of at least one place where it ran......the trade magazine Motion Picture Herald, read more

Western RoundUp: Seven Ways Fron Sundown (1960)

Classic Movie Hub Blog Posted by Laura Grieve on Feb 25, 2020

Western RoundUp: Seven Ways Fron Sundown (1960) This month we’ll be taking a “close-up” look at a single Western, the very entertaining Audie Murphy film Seven Ways From Sundown (1960). Seven Ways Fron Sundown (1960) Lobby Card Murphy plays the awkwardly named Seven Ways read more

The Swimmer (1968): A Fable Starring Burt Lancaster

4 Star Films Posted by 4 Star Film Fan on Feb 25, 2020

I am tempted to call The Swimmer a pretentious fable about the waters of life. It is set in the upper echelon of Connecticut society, but the same cross-section might hold true in California as well. In fact, one could say this film effectively extends the pool metaphor of The Graduate (1967). Becau read more

Black Panthers (1968)

Flickers in Time Posted by Beatrice on Feb 25, 2020

Black Panthers Directed by Agnes Varda 1968/France IMDb link First viewing/Criterion Channel     This short documentary provides a window into the late 60’s when things seemed more cut and dried even amidst all the turmoil. The movie was filmed at a “Free Huey Newton” ra read more

On Blu-ray: Connie Stevens and Dean Jones in Two on a Guillotine (1965)

Classic Movies Posted by KC on Feb 25, 2020

I didn’t get what I expected when I watched the new Warner Archive Blu-ray of Two on a Guillotine. With the cover gruesomely displaying a disembodied head and a drop of blood dripping of the title, I anticipated a Grand Guignol-style chiller. It turns out this wasn’t to be, but I enjoyed read more

The Changeling

Cinematic Catharsis Posted by Barry P. on Feb 25, 2020

(1980) Directed by Peter Medak; Written by William Gray and Diana Maddox; Story by Russell Hunter; Starring: George C. Scott, Trish Van Devere, Melvyn Douglas, John Colicos, Barry Morse and Madeleine Sherwood; Available on Blu-ray and DVD Rating: **** “There’s nothing more creep read more

Journey to the Center of the Earth ( 1959 )

Silver Scenes - A Blog for Classic Film Lovers Posted by The Metzinger Sisters on Feb 25, 2020

Back in 1864, Jules Verne penned "Journey to the Centre of the Earth", a novel about a group of intrepid individuals who undertake a subterranean journey to discover the very center of our Earth. Why would anyone want to take such a journey? As one of the explorers in this expedition explains,  read more

Christopher Lee in The Brides of Fu Manchu

Classic Film & TV Cafe Posted by Rick29 on Feb 24, 2020

This sequel to 1965's The Face of Fu Manchu is an unexpected improvement on Christopher Lee's debut as the Sax Rohmer's supervillain. Stylistically, it reminded me of an Avengers episode during the Mrs. Peel era--though it could have benefited from the presence of Steed and Mrs. Peel, of c read more

Musical Monday: Carnival in Costa Rica (1947)

Comet Over Hollywood Posted by on Feb 24, 2020

It’s no secret that the Hollywood Comet loves musicals. In 2010, I revealed I had seen 400 movie musicals over the course of eight years. Now that number is over 600. To celebrate and share this musical love, here is my weekly feature about musicals. This week’s musical: Carnival In Costa Rica (194 read more

A Ten-Timer Remembers the #TCMFF 2019

Christy Putnam Posted by Christy Putnam on Feb 24, 2020

My trusty Super Shuttle driver from LAX was right on time on Tuesday, April 9, 2019. Juggling my Ricardo’s of Beverly Hills trunk stuffed with ensembles and my roly-poly media bag, Miguel gave them the heave-ho onto the luggage rack without even a sigh. Unfortunately, the Super Shuttles are n read more

Weird Melvin (1995) #4

The Stop Button Posted by on Feb 24, 2020

There is a very good chance Weird Melvin might gross me out next issue. Hansen gets pretty close in the cliffhanger, which features two lady monsters (a mother and daughter) pregnant with half-mutated giant insects, half-monsters. What’s most surprising is the grossness isn’t in Hansen’s detail read more

'Stand Tall!' -- what a concept!

Carole & Co. Posted by carole_and_co on Feb 24, 2020

Hope you've had a good weekend; I know I have. It has to do with something Carole Lombard knew a lot about -- screenplays. Specifically, with something I received Friday night:Yes, at the LA Under The Stars Film Festival, the award for feature screenplay -- most original concept went to my "Stand Ta read more

Interrogation (2020) s01e10 – I.A. Sgt. Ian Lynch & Det. Brian Chen vs Trey Carano

The Stop Button Posted by on Feb 23, 2020

The last episode. Finally the last episode. One could come up with the best order to watch the show, which isn’t the episode number order but also doesn’t work entirely randomly because some episodes jump ahead six years and whatnot—also there’s no point in making the order because you shouldn’t read more

FAVORITE ANGRY MAN #11: Juror 7 (Jack Warden)

The Old Hollywood Garden Posted by Carol Martinheira on Feb 23, 2020

FAVORITE ANGRY MAN #11: Juror 7 (Jack Warden) On February 23, 2020 By CarolIn Uncategorized My 11th favorite Angry Man is arguably the most obnoxious of them all. Right from the off, Juror 7 (Jack Warden) makes his position known: he is not happy about read more


Caftan Woman Posted by on Feb 23, 2020

Greetings, Sunday morning bloggers! The Butlers and Maids Blogathon is underway. Our host Rich Watson at Wide Screen World has all the Saturday contributions HERE. As your hostess for this second day, I will be collecting posts here or on twitter @CaftanWoman. Day 2 participants: A Shroud read more

The Vincent Price Blogathon – Participant Roster

Cinematic Catharsis Posted by Barry P. on Feb 23, 2020

We’ve had a phenomenal response to our initial announcement for the Vincent Price Blogathon, running April 17th-19th,, hosted by Yours Truly, along with my co-host Gill Jacob from Realweegiemidget Reviews. You can sign up anytime between now and then, but please keep in mind that we are limiti read more

A Short by Elliot Lavine: The Twisted Corridor (1982)

Noirish Posted by John Grant on Feb 23, 2020

US / 18 minutes / bw / Detour Dir & Scr: Elliot Lavine Pr: Elliot Lavine, Fred Klein Cine: Greg Wardell, Deland Nuse Cast: John X. Heart, Alan Dowell, Harry Rosenbluth, Harry Freeman, Sheila Lichirie, Larry Stofer, Lisa Barnett, David A. Radovich, Freddy Klein, Eddie Detour A somewhat more ambi read more