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Hunters (2020) s01e04 – The Pious Thieves

The Stop Button Posted by on Mar 10, 2020

The best part of this episode is Dylan Baker getting pissed off Lena Olin is cutting him out of the Nazi plans and scheming to get back into them. Baker’s stunt-casting, more so than even Pacino (who, playing a Jewish Holocaust survivor in old age is the heaviest lifting Pacino’s had to do in a read more

We all scream for...

Carole & Co. Posted by carole_and_co on Mar 10, 2020

Like nearly all of us, Carole Lombard loved ice cream, as this shot from the set of "They Knew What They Wanted" indicates. But suppose she preferred her chocolate, vanilla or strawberry from a cup rather than a cone? Those of us who grew up with postwar suburbanization well recall the ice cream tru read more

The High Hopes of Buster Keaton in ‘Day Dreams’ (Buster Keaton and Edward F. Cline, 1922)

The Wonderful World of Cinema Posted by Virginie Pronovost on Mar 9, 2020

It’s that time of the year again! One of my very favourite blogging events, The Annual Buster Keaton Blogathon is back for the 6th time! Hosted by the Lea over at Silent-Ology, this is the occasion for Keaton fans like me to share all kind of thoughts about this genius and his prolific on-scr read more

Hunters (2020) s01e02 – The Mourner’s Kaddish

The Stop Button Posted by on Mar 9, 2020

The important series story development this episode is it turns out Logan Lerman isn’t okay with torturing and killing Nazis hiding in the United States. He’s still the same softie as in the first episode when he thought Darth Vader probably wasn’t all evil and didn’t, you know, kill a bunch read more

Hometowns to Hollywood Posted by Annette Bochenek on Mar 9, 2020

Jack Benny is remembered as one of the leading entertainers of the 20th century. His regular radio and television programs (which took him from the 1930s to the 1960s) had an incredible influence on the sitcom genre. Yet, if Benny’s program was important to comedy, it was important in another major read more

The Witch: Subversion (2018, Park Hoon-jung)

The Stop Button Posted by on Mar 9, 2020

About halfway through The Witch: Subversion, I wondered why they’d opened with a flashback showing presumably chid witch Kim Ha-na escaping from her government “doctors.” The prologue introduces evil scientist lady Jo Min-soo and her chief fixer Park Hee-soon, it introduces the secret castle-like read more


Caftan Woman Posted by on Mar 9, 2020

Claire Trevor 1910-2000 Virginie of The Wonderful World of Cinema and Crystal of In the Good Old Days of Classic Hollywood are hosting The 110 Years of Claire Trevor Blogathon this March 8 - 10. The tributes to the memorable actress can be found HERE. Claire read more

Helen Hayes and Mildred Natwick as The Snoop Sisters

Classic Film & TV Cafe Posted by Rick29 on Mar 9, 2020

Mildred Natwick and Helen Hayes. Over a decade before Angela Lansbury starred in Murder, She Wrote, Helen Hayes played an elderly mystery author and amateur detective in The Snoop Sisters. The series co-starred Mildred Natwick as Hayes' sister and ran as a 90-minute installment on The NBC Tuesday M read more

Musical Monday: The Girl of the Golden West (1938)

Comet Over Hollywood Posted by on Mar 9, 2020

It’s no secret that the Hollywood Comet loves musicals. In 2010, I revealed I had seen 400 movie musicals over the course of eight years. Now that number is over 600. To celebrate and share this musical love, here is my weekly feature about musicals. This week’s musical: The Girl of the Golden West read more

Les biches (1968)

Flickers in Time Posted by Beatrice on Mar 9, 2020

Les biches (“Bad Girls”) Directed by Claude Chabrol Written by Paul Gegauff and Claude Chabrol 1968/France IMDb link First viewing/Criterion Channel   Paul Thomas: Nothing surprises me in this house. Nothing! 1968 was a ground-breaking year.  Here Claude Chabrol gives us a jet-black read more

Credit appreciated, credit (Richee) given

Carole & Co. Posted by carole_and_co on Mar 9, 2020

Carole Lombard made a magnificent portrait subject for numerous photographers during the Golden Age, and Eugene Robert Richee was no exception. However, he had an advantage over most of his rivals -- he worked at Paramount, Carole's studio home from 1930 to 1937. Richee thus trained his lens on Lomb read more

Dead End (1937, William Wyler)

The Stop Button Posted by on Mar 8, 2020

If you tilt to just the right angle, for a while you can see Dead End as the tale of three people from a poor neighborhood and how life has worked out for them as they got closer to their thirties. Humphrey Bogart grew from a “not too bad” young punk to a public enemy number one, infamous for killi read more

FEAR (1946)

The Hitless Wonder Movie Blog Posted by Dan Day, Jr. on Mar 8, 2020

A low-budget version of Dostoyevsky's CRIME AND PUNISHMENT from Poverty Row studio Monogram? It isn't a joke--it's the 1946 film FEAR, which transports the distinguished story to the black & white shadowy environs of the post-WWII American big city. Peter Cookson plays Larry Crain, a penniless read more

SCREENPLAY BY: Virginia Kellogg

The Old Hollywood Garden Posted by Carol Martinheira on Mar 8, 2020

SCREENPLAY BY: Virginia Kellogg On March 8, 2020 By CarolIn Uncategorized There isn’t a whole lot of information about Virginia Kellogg out there, but the information I got was enough for me to want to include her in the SCREENPLAY BY series. She read more

The 110 Years of Claire Trevor Blogathon is here!

The Wonderful World of Cinema Posted by Virginie Pronovost on Mar 8, 2020

I was super impatient to celebrate with you this golden, powerful, multi-talented actress that Claire Trevor was! When Crystal from In the Good Old Days of Classic Hollywood approached me to co-host a blogathon in her honour, I didn’t hesitate a second as I knew she (Claire) deserved her own read more

Claire Trevor on Televison: ‘Alfred Hitchcock Presents’

The Wonderful World of Cinema Posted by Virginie Pronovost on Mar 8, 2020

I’m happy to be back today for a contribution to my own blogathon, The 110 Years of Claire Trevor Blogathon, that I’m co-hosting with Crystal from In the Good Old Days of Classic Hollywood! As a subject, I wanted to do something else than reviewing a film (don’t get me wrong, I ha read more

Perfect Match ( 1968 ) - British Pathe

Silver Scenes - A Blog for Classic Film Lovers Posted by The Metzinger Sisters on Mar 8, 2020

A stroll through Jo-Ann Fabrics will reveal an endless display of different colored and different patterned fabrics, but have you ever given any thought to how these fabrics are produced? Have you ever thought how patterned wallpaper is made, too? This 1968 British Pathe newsreel gives us a glimpse read more

Want to get 'Wanted'? Go old-school

Carole & Co. Posted by carole_and_co on Mar 8, 2020

Here was my introduction to Carole Lombard, more than 34 years ago: Her 1937 screwball comedy "Nothing Sacred" ( "That isn't shaped like a DVD package," many of you younger folks may be thinking, and indeed it isn't -- it's something called a videoc read more

Memories of Underdevelopment (1968)

Flickers in Time Posted by Beatrice on Mar 7, 2020

Memories of Underdevelopment (Memorias del subdesarrollo) Directed by Tomas Gutierrez Alea Written by Tomas Guiterrez Alea and Edmundo Desnoes from a novel by Desnoes 1968/Cuba IMDb link First viewing/Netflix rental One of 1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die I went in expecting a propaganda piec read more

Batman: Dead End (2003, Sandy Collora)

The Stop Button Posted by on Mar 7, 2020

Batman: Dead End goes far in validating the idea of cosplay as successful costuming for film—well, not Andrew Koenig’s Joker—but definitely the Batman outfit. Costume designer Michael MacFarlane, cinematographer Vincent E. Toto, and director Collora do figure out a way to do a “comics accurate” read more