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Hometowns to Hollywood Posted by Annette Bochenek on Jan 2, 2021

Much has been written about Hollywood icon Cary Grant, whose legacy lives on through his family, friends, and film fans all over the world. To this day, he continues to inspire artists and performers as well as authors and scholars wishing to delve into his story. In 2020, two biographies about Gran read more

Elmer Gantry (1960): Sinner & Saint

4 Star Films Posted by 4 Star Film Fan on Jan 2, 2021

“You not only put the fear of God into them, you scared the hell out of them.” – Arthur Kennedy as Jim Lefferts talking about Elmer Gantry. Elmer Gantry opens with a disclaimer, which no doubt plays as a defense tactic against the National Legion of Decency. However, taking a page read more

Working Night & Day: Max Steiner, Fred Astaire, and the RKO Movie Musical (Exclusive by Author Steven C. Smith)

Classic Movie Hub Blog Posted by Guest Post on Jan 2, 2021

Max Steiner, Fred Astaire, and the RKO Movie Musical(Exclusive by Author Steven C. Smith) In 1933 — the same year he recorded his landmark score for King Kong —Max Steiner achieved another ambition he’d sought since becoming RKO’s musical director: oversight of a sophisticated, successful read more

You're Invited! Online Series FILM NOIR STYLE Continues 1/17 with TRANSITION YEAR 1946

GlamAmor Posted by on Jan 2, 2021

On Sunday, January 17, my online series Film Noir Style continues with The Year of Transition 1946. This is the third in a series that accompanies my book Film Noir Style: The Killer 1940s. Like the book, the series is divided into four parts:Before the War 1940-1941The War Years 1942-1945 read more

Welcome home, honeymooners

Carole & Co. Posted by carole_and_co on Jan 2, 2021

It's July 1931, and newlyweds Carole Lombard and William Powell have returned to Los Angeles from their honeymoon in Hawaii. Before leaving their ship, the couple was photographed by Paramount's Bert Longworth. A pair of close-ups of the Mr. & Mrs.:And copy from the back of the photo:Note that Powel read more

Of 2020 and "Twentieth Century"

Carole & Co. Posted by carole_and_co on Jan 1, 2021

At times we weren't certain we'd reach 2021, but indeed we have, which gives us plenty of reason to smile, just as Carole Lombard is doing above. But as 2020 further retreats in our figurative rear-view mirror, let's look back at a response to one of her most memorable movies, indeed the one that pu read more

2020: A Year With Women Directors

The Best Picture Project Posted by Alyson on Jan 1, 2021

Back in the faraway, happier world of January 2020, I took on a new film challenge: Watch 52 films directed (or codirected) by women. At just one movie a week, I thought it would be no big deal. It began innocently enough, I enjoyed heading out to my local theater to support my fellow woman and look read more


Caftan Woman Posted by on Jan 1, 2021

Janet (my daughter): "What are you watching?"Caftan Woman (mother): Design for Living. Ernst Lubitsch from Noel Coward's play. Miriam Hopkins as to choose between Fredric March and Gary Cooper. (pause) Or does she?!Janet: Ho-ho, ha-ha!The original Broadway production in 1933, staged by the author Mr read more

Hometowns to Hollywood Posted by Annette Bochenek on Jan 1, 2021

“I feel so strongly about the power for good that Hollywood has. I believe its influence is not only national but international.” –George Murphy Hollywood musicals feature a wide array of performers who excelled in singing and dancing. George Murphy was one of many actors who excel read more

Happy New Year!

The Baz Posted by Neve on Jan 1, 2021

Disaster December Quick Picks and Pans

Cinematic Catharsis Posted by Barry P. on Jan 1, 2021

 The Wave (aka: Bølgen) (2015) No, it’s not about the ubiquitous stadium crowd activity, but a killer tidal wave that strikes the touristy Norwegian village of Geiranger. After accepting a new job in the big city, Kristian (Kristoffer Joner) can’t seem to let go of his old position read more

Jean Arthur, Joel McCrea, and Charles Coburn believe “The More the Merrier”

Classic Movie Man Posted by Stephen Reginald on Jan 1, 2021

Jean Arthur, Joel McCrea, and Charles Coburn believe “The More the Merrier” The More the Merrier (1943) is an American romantic comedy directed by George Stevens and starring Jean Arthur, Joel McCrea, and Charles Coburn. This was director Steven’s last feature film before he j read more

Good riddance to 2020 and happy 2021!

The Old Hollywood Garden Posted by Carol Martinheira on Dec 31, 2020

Good riddance to 2020 and happy 2021! On December 31, 2020 By CarolIn Uncategorized So… do, do we talk about 2020 or shall we just skip it? Nah, let’s just forget about this whole thing, shall we? Here’s to (hopefully) an read more

Favorite Film Books of 2020

Classic Movies Posted by KC on Dec 31, 2020

 I didn’t review many books in 2020, but there were some great releases. This year’s round-up might be small, but it is mighty. Here are some excerpts of my reviews of my favorites. Title links go to the full review: Cary Grant: A Brilliant DisguiseScott Eyman I finally fe read more

Top Ten Posts of 2020

Classic Film & TV Cafe Posted by Rick29 on Dec 31, 2020

As the year draws to a close, the Classic Film & TV Cafe traditionally ends it with a countdown of our ten most viewed posts. We published a total of 78 in 2020. Naturally, the countdown is a little skewed, since those posts that came out at the start of the year will have more views. But that w read more

Au revoir, 2020...and good riddance?

Carole & Co. Posted by carole_and_co on Dec 31, 2020

When Carole Lombard and James Stewart filmed this New Year's Eve scene in "Made For Each Other" in 1938, they had little idea that 1939, when the film was released, would become a landmark year in movie history. In fact, the filming of this scene was marred by a fatal accident to a worker setting it read more

My Top Five Blu-rays Of 2020

The Hitless Wonder Movie Blog Posted by Dan Day, Jr. on Dec 30, 2020

 There's no need for me to tell you that this year sucked. But this was a great year for home video product (that is, if you still had enough money to buy any of this stuff). Thankfully, I'm still working regularly, so, as usual, I spent plenty of money on Blu-rays and DVDs. And I still do read more

Divorce American Style (1967): Debbie and Dick Get Divorced

4 Star Films Posted by 4 Star Film Fan on Dec 30, 2020

Divorce American Style starts out as a symphony of marital nagging, and it looks to build off this cacophony to make some sense of the current state of affairs in 1960s America. While the title doesn’t capture the same milieu of its Italian counterpart, it fits for a plethora of other reasons read more

Carole goes maskless (but it's OK -- it's 1938)

Carole & Co. Posted by carole_and_co on Dec 30, 2020

If Carole Lombard somehow were around in 2020 (and let's assume some magical spell brought her here, since it's nearly impossible to picture a 112-year-old Lombard), I have no doubt she'd do the right thing to protect others and wear a mask, just as her nurse character did in the 1940 drama "Vigil I read more

Flood Tide ( 1958 )

Silver Scenes - A Blog for Classic Film Lovers Posted by The Metzinger Sisters on Dec 30, 2020

Behind the mask of innocence.....murder! Universal Pictures made a number of good melodramas in the late 1950s that have fallen into obscurity today, one of which was Flood Tide ( 1958 ) starring George Nader. It's similar to The Bad Seed ( 1956 ) with its main antagonist being a child, but ins read more