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Caftan Woman Posted by on Jun 5, 2020

Rebecca Deniston is back with The Third Broadway Bound Blogathon which runs on June 5 - 7 at her site Taking Up Room. Chester Morris, June Walker, Burt Brinkerhoff Blue Denim, described as a comedy in three acts and four scenes by James Leo Herlihy (Midnight Cowboy) and William Noble was read more

One glamorous, if not genuine, 'Princess'

Carole & Co. Posted by carole_and_co on Jun 5, 2020

"The Princess Comes Across" has a little bit of everything in a Carole Lombard movie -- laughs, a murder mystery, even Carole feigning a Greta Garbo accent. Part of the push showed her with leading man Fred MacMurray in stills such as this one:That's Lombard's "princess" disguise as she leaves the c read more

Doctor Who (2005) s01e11 – Boom Town

The Stop Button Posted by on Jun 5, 2020

This episode is easily writer Russell T. Davies’s best so far. Maybe it helps he’s got Joe Ahearne directing, who’s even able to weather the Noel Clarke storm. Though it’s a new Noel Clarke. A moody one who’s not hanging on Billie Piper’s every word hoping for a kiss. In fact, they suggest read more

Gatsby and Me and Hollywood and the Heartbreak of the American Dream

A Person in the Dark Posted by FlickChick on Jun 4, 2020

Pity their untortured souls, for no magic comes from the satisfied. From the get-go, I was the perfect food for the Hollywood hunger machine. And from my first reading of that slim miracle, I knew the meaning of that green light at the end of Daisy’s dock. I didn’t need an explanati read more

A Statement on Current Events

Backlots Posted by Lara on Jun 4, 2020

“That’s the trouble with you readers,” Joe Gillis says to Betty Schaefer in Sunset Boulevard, “you know all the plots.” For hundreds of years, we have seen the same plots play out in our criminal justice system, as the intrinsic systems of oppression in this country do read more

Classic Movie Travels: Frank McHugh

Classic Movie Hub Blog Posted by Annette Bochenek on Jun 4, 2020

Classic Movie Travels: Frank McHugh Frank McHugh Frank McHugh was a beloved character actor, whom fans of Pre Code cinema will remember particularly well. He typically carried out roles that provided comic relief in films but also had experience on stage, radio, and television. Francis Curr read more

Wee Geordie Throws a Hammer!

Classic Film & TV Cafe Posted by Rick29 on Jun 4, 2020

Bill Travers as the adult Geordie. Young Geordie MacTaggert doesn't like to be called "wee' by the other lads in his rural Scottish community. Yet, it's accurate to say that he's decidedly short for his age. It's a sore point, though, and comes to a head when he and childhood playmate Jean visit an read more

What We Do in the Shadows (2019) s02e09 – Witches

The Stop Button Posted by on Jun 4, 2020

This episode is the “What We Do in the Shadows” equivalent of a dick and fart joke episode. Literally in the former’s case—the episode’s about a coven of witches kidnapping Laszlo (Matt Berry) because they want his immortal seed. Turns out they use vampire semen to stay young. Witches, I mean. read more

Meet the 'Perry' prequel, coming soon to HBO

Carole & Co. Posted by carole_and_co on Jun 4, 2020

In the context of Carole Lombard, we know Gail Patrick best as an on-screen rival in 1936's "My Man Godfrey," but off-screen they were friends, working together in "Rumba" the year before "Godfrey." Patrick, more often than not the "other woman" in movies -- think of "My Favorite Wife" or "Love Craz read more

Doctor Who (2005) s01e10 – The Doctor Dances

The Stop Button Posted by on Jun 4, 2020

It’s a disappointing conclusion. It’s not a bad episode, but it’s a fairly obvious, kind of silly finish to the much stronger first episode. Partially because the show never really finds its footing with Christopher Eccleston and John Barrowman, who are now in a pissing contest for a number of read more

Defending Jacob (2020) s01e04 – Damage Control

The Stop Button Posted by on Jun 4, 2020

The episode opens unironically with Michelle Dockery going to the grocery store before it opens at 6 a.m. and waiting to go in and be alone while shopping while Chris Evans does the same thing… only with the swimming pool. Makes me wonder if the Dockery character is such a non-entity in the William read more


The Hitless Wonder Movie Blog Posted by Dan Day, Jr. on Jun 4, 2020

The other film on the Mill Creek "Classic Crime Double Feature" Blu-ray is NEW ORLEANS UNCENSORED, a 1955 Columbia film produced by Sam Katzman and directed by William Castle. Former Navy man Dan Corbett (Arthur Franz) arrives in New Orleans looking to purchase a military surplus boat in order to s read more

Kiss Me Kate (1953): A Musical and Meta Entertainment

4 Star Films Posted by 4 Star Film Fan on Jun 3, 2020

The film version of Kiss Me Kate, helmed by MGM’s perennial musical director George Sidney, is a translation of Cole Porter’s rousing Broadway success. We must play a game of two degrees of separation because the stage smash was itself a comical backstage adaptation of Shakespeare’ read more

Doctor Who (2005) s01e09 – The Empty Child

The Stop Button Posted by on Jun 3, 2020

It’s a really creepy episode. Like, really creepy. Writer Steven Moffat comes up with a fantastic “villain,” this little kid in a gas mask who calls out, “Mummy,” over and over again. And then when he touches you, you get infected with something and eventually turn into a gas mask covered read more

Legends of Tomorrow (2016) s05e15 – Swan Thong

The Stop Button Posted by on Jun 3, 2020

I sometimes forget “Legends of Tomorrow” is at its best when it’s completely unconcerned with continuity. It’s a fun, heart-y, and then time travel time travel show. I went into this season finale worried how they were going to wrap things up in one episode after Greek Fates Sarah Strange, Joanna read more

London’s post World War II underbelly is explored in “Night and the City”

Classic Movie Man Posted by Stephen Reginald on Jun 3, 2020

London’s post World War II underbelly is explored in “Night and the City” Night and the City (1950) is a film noir directed by Jules Dassin, produced by Samuel G. Engel, and starring Richard Widmark, Gene Tierney, and Googie Withers. The film was shot on location in London and read more

New Online Event Series starts with THE STYLE OF SIN: JOAN CRAWFORD June 14

GlamAmor Posted by on Jun 3, 2020

As promised, I am bringing my 1930s Pre-Code series THE STYLE OF SIN to you online! I'm mixing up the order as well as the films I feature, so it will be slightly different than my series at the Egyptian Theatre last year. Case in point: the first event will focus entirely on Joan Crawford read more

On Blu-ray: Stewart Granger, Elizabeth Taylor, and Peter Ustinov in Beau Brummell (1954)

Classic Movies Posted by KC on Jun 3, 2020

Of all the screen adaptations of Beau Brummell, the 1954 MGM production is the most lavish. With grand settings, gorgeous costumes, and attractive stars, it is drawn directly from the studio’s basic blueprint for glossy historical dramas. Now available on Blu-ray from Warner Archive, the film read more

A vintage victory

Carole & Co. Posted by carole_and_co on Jun 3, 2020

It's been a few years (nearly 7 1/2) since we've run the above Carole Lombard image, Paramount p1202-870 from 1934. The good news is that a vintage version of the photo has surfaced, and you probably can buy it for a relatively inexpensive price.The 8" x 10" is up for auction at eBay, with bids open read more

Defending Jacob (2020) s01e03 – Poker Faces

The Stop Button Posted by on Jun 3, 2020

I am a fan of both Chris Evans and Michelle Dockery. I’m not a fan of them together but, individually, I am a fan. Though, sadly—and “Defending Jacob” proves it—Evans is not working with the right directors in the right projects. He comes off in this thing like a not-fun period Dennis Quaid read more