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The Enemy Below (1957)–part 10

The Old Movie House Posted by Tom on Aug 28, 2015

All dialog in brown text is taken from the movie script at Captain Murrell becomes overconfident and underestimates the experience of Kapitan von Strolberg. He repeats a seeming harmless manoeuvre, only to find his ship under attack from four torpedoes.  Sona read more

Once Upon a Screen Posted by Aurora on Aug 28, 2015

Ingrid Bergman was an internationally renowned actress who’s still considered among the best the silver screen has ever featured.  Known for her beauty and talent, Bergman played all types of women on screen – from the simple and pure to the complicated, historical figure and in scenario read more

The Life of Oharu (1952)

Flickers in Time Posted by Beatrice on Aug 28, 2015

The Life of Oharu (Saikaku Ichidai Ona) Directed by Kenji Mizoguchi Written by Kenji Mizoguchi and Yoshikata Yoda from a novel by Saikaku Ihara 1952/Japan Koi Productions/Shintoho Film Distribution Committee Repeat viewing/Netflix rental This story of a woman in medieval Japan is a beautiful film read more

Classic Films in Focus: BATHING BEAUTY (1944)

Virtual Virago Posted by Jennifer Garlen on Aug 28, 2015

Although she makes appearances in two earlier feature films, Bathing Beauty (1944) marks the debut of Esther Williams as a fully realized Hollywood star, with plenty of opportunities to show off her attractive figure and her signature swimming skills. This light, frothy comedy from director George S read more

Joana D’Arc / Joan of Arc (1948)

Critica Retro Posted by Lê on Aug 28, 2015

Joana D’Arc / Joan of Arc (1948) O filme nem precisa começar para termos certeza de que estamos assistindo a uma obra do diretor Victor Fleming. É um filme longo (145 minutos!) e os atores nos são apresentados em uma lista muito semelhante à que aparece no início de “E o Vento read more

Summer Under the Stars Guide: Ingrid Bergman

Old Hollywood Films Posted by Amanda Garrett on Aug 28, 2015

Today's star is the radiant Ingrid Bergman. TCM is celebrating the career of Ingrid Bergman with 13 movies on Aug. 28.  Here's what you need to know about this actress whose centennial is Saturday. FYI: TCM sometimes changes the air times and /or movies, so you can go to read more

Summer Under the Stars: Day 28 – Ingrid Bergman

Journeys in Classic Film Posted by on Aug 28, 2015

Ingrid Bergman is the star for today! Below, you’ll find links to those participating and honoring Bergman (updated as they come in), as well as my own reviews of her work throughout the years. gives an overview of Bergman’s life and career Phyllis Loves Classic Movies Classic read more

Four from Cinelandia, and Vin is in for his 67th

Carole & Co. Posted by carole_and_co on Aug 28, 2015

Whomever ran the Spanish-language film magazine Cinelandia was a fan of Carole Lombard. In the span of just under a decade (November 1929 to August 1939), Carole appeared on the monthly publication's cover six times -- either by herself or with a co-star. That's a pretty impressive ratio.Above is th read more

Wolffianclassicmoviesdigest Posted by Joey on Aug 28, 2015

A The Wonderful Ingrid Bergman Blogathon Blogathon review Today’s post is a post for the Wonderful Ingrid Bergman Blogathon as it is a  Blogathon honoring Blogathon as it runs from august 27 to 29 wh read more

The Bells of St Mary's

Old Hollywood Films Posted by Amanda Garrett on Aug 27, 2015

Today, I'm celebrating Ingrid Bergman's 100th birthday with an article about her wonderful performance in The Bells of St. Mary's (1945). Here she is with Bing Crosby in a publicity still for this family drama. This article is part of The Wonderful Ingrid Bergman Blogathon hosted by The Wonderful read more

Scaramouche (1952)

Flickers in Time Posted by Beatrice on Aug 27, 2015

Scaramouche Directed by George Sidney Written by Written by Ronald Millar and George Froeschel from the novel by Rafael Sabatini 1952/USA Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer First viewing/Netflix rental   It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a good swashbuckler and this qualifies. It is France read more

Classic Television Thursday #38 – Mission: Impossible (1966-1973)

Durnmoose Movie Musings Posted by Michael on Aug 27, 2015

I know that I said I would be following up the last Classic Television Thursday post with more on the Amos and Andy TV show, and I will be in a couple of weeks, but I decided that could wait a little bit when, during a discussion with one of my younger co-workers of the new Mission: Impossible movie read more

The London Connection ( 1979 )

Silver Scenes - A Blog for Classic Film Lovers Posted by The Metzinger Sisters on Aug 27, 2015

Before there was Agent Cody Banks there was Luther Starling. Nearly thirty years prior to when the whiz kid spy hit the big screen Disney released The London Connection, the first adventure to feature Agent Starling. He wasn't your average juvenile spy either - he was a handsome college-aged man wit read more

The Wonderful Ingrid Bergman Blogathon--JUNE NIGHT

The Hitless Wonder Movie Blog Posted by Dan Day Jr. on Aug 27, 2015

Ingrid Bergman is one of my favorite movie stars of all time. She was one of the most naturally beautiful women ever to appear on screen, and along with that beauty she had a naturally appealing personality that drew audiences to her. For the purposes of this blogathon, I chose an Ingrid Bergman fi read more

The Wonderful Ingrid Bergman Blogathon Is Here!

The Wonderful World of Cinema Posted by Virginie Pronovost on Aug 27, 2015

We are all very excited because it’s today that my very first Blogathon, The Wonderful Ingrid Bergman Blogathon, starts until August 29, on the day on Ingrid 100th Birthday, but also death anniversary. Ingrid is fantastic, so I can’t wait to read your fabulous articles! Here are the ent read more

In 1952

Flickers in Time Posted by Beatrice on Aug 27, 2015

Bwana Devil became the first 3-D sound film to be released. Paramount’s wrap-around, big-screen Cinerama format debuted . The technique required three cameras, three projectors, interlocking, semi-curved screens, and four-track stereo sound.  This Is Cinerama  was the first Cinerama film read more

The Man Who Came to Dinner (1942, William Keighley)

The Stop Button Posted by Andrew Wickliffe on Aug 27, 2015

The Man Who Came to Dinner is, a little too obviously, an adaptation of a play. There are occasional moments outside the main setting–the home of Grant Mitchell and Billie Burke–but director Keighley doesn’t do anything with them. All involve Richard Travis’s character, whic read more

Female’s Heroine: 1933’s Amy (of Trainwreck), Samantha Jones, or Don Draper?

Cary Grant Won't Eat You Posted by Judy on Aug 27, 2015

Given its plot synopsis, I expected Female to be shocking: a promiscuous executive casually sleeps with men until she finds the right guy. But I didn’t expect to gasp at its daring. A few of the heroine’s typical comments: Falling in love: “To me, a woman in love is a pathetic spe read more

Beware the Boggy Creek Monster!

Classic Film & TV Cafe Posted by Rick29 on Aug 27, 2015

USA Today recently ran a story about an alleged sighting of Bigfoot in Boone, NC. That got me thinking about other similar "creatures" and soon I found myself reminiscing about that 1972 drive-in classic The Legend of Boggy Creek. Actually, my pal Herb and I saw it as teens at a movie theate read more

Next year's TCM Classic Film Festival promises to be 'Moving'

Carole & Co. Posted by carole_and_co on Aug 27, 2015

At March's TCM Classic Film Festival, Carole Lombard's "My Man Godfrey" was among a group of films shown on a semi-opening night (actual festivities began the following morning). We don't know if any Lombard films will crack the 2016 festival schedule, but there's one thing we do know:Next year's ev read more