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Searching (2018)

4 Star Films Posted by 4 Star Film Fan on Apr 25, 2019

Searching is a film promoting a certain plotting device in this social media age of ours. An Up-like introduction played through old computer memories and hard drive data is surprisingly poignant. It provides the backstory for a parent-child relationship to play out, albeit with the mechanisms of a read more

Classic Film Freak Posted by on Apr 25, 2019

The Five Best Shirley MacLaine Performances

Classic Film & TV Cafe Posted by Rick29 on Apr 25, 2019

1. The Apartment (1960) - While Shirley MacLaine often played strong, independent women later in her career, her finest performance was as the vulnerable, lonely, and borderline-desperate Fran Kubelik in Billy Wilder’s classic comedy-drama. Fran is smart enough to guess that the slimy bus read more

Conan the Destroyer

Cinematic Catharsis Posted by Barry P. on Apr 25, 2019

(1984) Directed by Richard Fleischer; Written by Stanley Mann; Story by Roy Thomas and Gerry Conway; Based on the character created by Robert E. Howard; Starring: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Grace Jones, Olivia d'Abo, Wilt Chamberlain, Mako, Tracey Walter and Sarah Douglas; Available on: Blu-ray, DVD read more

Carole + Capra, lobbying (twice) for a princess

Carole & Co. Posted by carole_and_co on Apr 25, 2019

I'm guessing this shot of Carole Lombard, Clark Gable, Claudette Colbert and director Frank Capra was taken on the Columbia lot in late 1933 or early '34, when Lombard was making "Twentieth Century" and the other three the future multiple Oscar-winner "It Happened One Night."Carole worked with many read more

Ipcress: Arquivo Confidencial (1965) / The Ipcress File (1965)

Critica Retro Posted by Lê on Apr 25, 2019

Ipcress: Arquivo Confidencial (1965) / The Ipcress File (1965) O investigador Harry Palmer foi criado para ser o oposto de James Bond. Ele deveria ser um homem comum que não usa engenhocas em suas missões e que nem sempre se ocupa de seduzir mulheres bonitas. Até seu nome deveria ser bobo: read more

Watching 1939: The Hound of the Baskervilles (1939)

Comet Over Hollywood Posted by on Apr 25, 2019

In 2011, I announced I was trying to see every film released in 1939. This new series chronicles films released in 1939 as I watch them. As we start out this blog feature, this section may become more concrete as I search for a common thread that runs throughout each film of the year. Right now, th read more

book: Stone’s Fall (2009) by Iain Pears

Noirish Posted by John Grant on Apr 24, 2019

This is the fourth of Pears’s five (to date) standalone novels. I haven’t read the fifth, Arcadia; of the first four I’ve thoroughly enjoyed three (An Instance of the Fingerpost, The Dream of Scipio and now Stone’s Fall) while being far less entranced by the other ( The Port read more

book: The Good Son (2016; trans 2018 Chi-Young Kim) by You-Jeong Jeong

Noirish Posted by John Grant on Apr 24, 2019

The setup’s like something out of Cornell Woolrich: A young man, Yu-jin, wakes up one morning to find his mother has been savagely murdered downstairs. He has little memory of what happened last night — he suffers occasional seizures when he goes off his meds — but all the evidenc read more

A Shock to the System (1990, Jan Egleson)

The Stop Button Posted by Andrew Wickliffe on Apr 24, 2019

A Shock to the System is almost a success. It’s real close. It has all the right pieces, it just doesn’t have enough time at the end to put them away in their new arrangement. Everything’s in disarray because the film changes into a thriller—with a different protagonist—for a while in the read more

TCM Classic Film Festival 2019: The Community

Classic Movies Posted by KC on Apr 24, 2019

Bloggers and film historians looking all over the place in the lobby of the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel. I'm the Elizabeth Taylor stan in the front. As much of a thrill as it is to spend four days gorging on classic films, ask anyone what they like most about TCM Classic Film Festival and they will read more


Caftan Woman Posted by on Apr 24, 2019

Erle Stanley Gardner July 17, 1889 - March 11, 1970 Erle Stanley Gardner was a successful lawyer, author of mystery fiction, as well as books on travel and conservation. Along with other legal professionals, he began the Court of Last Resort to assist the wrongly convicted. I highly recommend Do read more

Des Gens Sans Importance (1956)

Noirish Posted by John Grant on Apr 24, 2019

vt People of No Importance France / 99 minutes / bw / Cocinor, Chaillot, Ardennes-Films de René Lafuite Dir: Henri Verneuil Pr: René Lafuite Scr: Henri Verneuil, François Boyer Story: Des Gens Sans Importance (1949) by Serge Groussard Cine: Louis Page Cast: Jean Gabin, Françoise Arnoul, Pierre Mondy read more

Win Tickets to see “TCM Big Screen Classics: Steel Magnolias” (Giveaway runs now through May 4)

Classic Movie Hub Blog Posted by Annmarie Gatti on Apr 24, 2019

Win tickets to see “Steel Magnolias” on the Big Screen!In Select Cinemas Nationwide Sun May 19, Tues May 21 & Wed May 22 “I’m not crazy, I’ve just been in a very bad mood 40 years!“ CMH continues with our 4th year of our partnership with Fathom Events – with the 6th of read more

Hometowns to Hollywood Posted by Annette Bochenek on Apr 24, 2019

“I can be smart when it’s important, but most men don’t like it.” –Marilyn Monroe as Lorelei Lee Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (1953) is nothing short of memorable. In addition to a lively soundrack, witty dialogue, and gorgeous costumes, it features the dynamic pairing of read more

Myrna, in Minnesota, in May. Magnificent!

Carole & Co. Posted by carole_and_co on Apr 24, 2019

Two of my holy trinity of classic Hollywood actresses, Myrna Loy (left) and Carole Lombard. (Third in that exalted group of goddesses? Barbara Stanwyck.) And for the legion of Loy fans, particularly those in the Twin Cities, some delightful news: Next month, a Minneapolis repertory house pays tribut read more

Rd 3 Mr. and Mrs. Tournament

All Good Things Posted by monty on Apr 24, 2019

Here we go with rd 3 Rd 3: Which film do you like better? Rd 3: Which film do you like better? Rd 3: Which film do you like better? Rd 3: Which film do you like better? Rd 3: Which film do you like better? Rd 3: Which film do you like better? Rd 3: Which film do you like bett read more

Review: The Ox-Bow Incident (1943)

4 Star Films Posted by 4 Star Film Fan on Apr 23, 2019

We know the score. Two drifters ride into town. They sidle up to the bar for some shots, looking for something to do in a lazy Nevada dust-hole. Their faces are equally familiar to anyone who has ever seen even a few of the old oaters. Feisty Henry Fonda as Gil Carter and his more even-keeled pal A read more

Billy the Kid Versus Dracula (1966)

Flickers in Time Posted by Beatrice on Apr 23, 2019

Billy the Kid Versus Dracula Directed by William Beaudine Written by Carl K. Hittleman 1966/USA Circle Productions Inc. First viewing/Amazon Prime Dr. Henrietta Hull: Well, if I didn’t know better, I’d say it was the work of a vampire. William ‘Billy the Kid’ Bonney: Vampire? read more

COMEDY GOLD #14: Make ‘Em Laugh from Singin’ in the Rain (1952)

The Old Hollywood Garden Posted by Carol Martinheira on Apr 23, 2019

COMEDY GOLD #14: Make ‘Em Laugh from Singin’ in the Rain (1952) On April 23, 2019 By CarolIn Uncategorized One of the world’s most beloved movies, Singin’ in The Rain (1952, dir. Gene Kelly and Stanley Donen) ticks all the boxes read more