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Dances with Wolves (1990, Kevin Costner)

The Stop Button Posted by Andrew Wickliffe on Aug 8, 2016

From the start, director Costner embrues Dances with Wolves with melancholic tragedy. Even as Costner’s protagonist–a Union soldier reassigned to the frontier–travels west, seeing startling natural beauty, which Costner and cinematographer Dean Semler visualize carefully, enthusia read more

Music Review : Wolves In The Throne Room – Celestite (2014)

Le Mot du Cinephiliaque Posted by Michael on Nov 5, 2014

Music Review : Wolves In The Throne Room – Celestite (2014) This companion piece to Celestial Lineage, the near-masterpiece from these Washington state black metallers stating that they are not playing black metal but are obviously inspired by Ulver and Burzum’s decadent yet bea read more

Dances With Wolves (3)

Family Friendly Reviews Posted by Chris on Jun 13, 2013

Family-Friendly Rating: “Enjoyable” and could be “Highly Recommended” if not for the violent action scenes not appropriate for young children and some sexual content that will produce a few awkward moments if viewing together as a family. There are however some very good fa read more

The Company of Wolves (1984)

Journeys in Classic Film Posted by Kristen on Mar 24, 2012

This was a recommend from my fantastic podcast listeners and man was it a surprise to me.  There’s been a huge surge in the “revisionist” fairy tale movement that shows no signs of stopping as evidenced by the numerous Snow White tales we have coming out this year alone.  This film read more

Dances with Wolves (2)

The Best Picture Project Posted by Alyson on May 3, 2011

Set during the Civil War, Dances with Wolves tells the story of a Union soldier, John Dunbar (Kevin Costner), who through his own suicide attempt aided the army to win a battle, and upon promotion, requested to be stationed at a post on the edge of the frontier.  Utterly alone there, where he hopes read more