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Legends of Tomorrow (2016) s05e14 – The One Where We’re Trapped on TV

The Stop Button Posted by on May 27, 2020

I’m not going back to count, but I feel like at least half this season of “Legends” is them getting knocked off track for an episode then getting back on track by the end. It’s fine, there have been some great episodes, but there’s no momentum on the main plot. So while this episode is amusing—the read more

The Phantom Creeps (1939, Ford Beebe and Saul A. Goodkind), Chapter 8: Trapped in the Flames

The Stop Button Posted by Andrew Wickliffe on May 5, 2018

Trapped in the Flames is yet another exciting installment of The Phantom Creeps. Yet again, the Feds (led by Robert Kent) pursue the foreign agents (Anthony Averill’s the chief henchman, Edward Van Sloan’s the boss) trying to find Bela Lugosi’s missing box. No one but Lugosi (presumed dead by read more

Batman and Robin (1949, Spencer Gordon Bennet), Chapter 4: Batman Trapped!

The Stop Button Posted by Andrew Wickliffe on Mar 29, 2018

Most of this chapter, Batman Trapped, is a resolution of the previous chapter’s cliffhanger. There’s no trapped Batman in this chapter. There’s kidnapped Robin; more on that development in a bit. After the immediate resolution of the cliffhanger–thanks to Batman (Robert Lowery) having a lot read more

Flash Gordon (1936, Frederick Stephani), Chapter 12: Trapped in the Turret

The Stop Button Posted by Andrew Wickliffe on Sep 13, 2017

Trapped in the Turret is the penultimate chapter of Flash Gordon, which might explain some of its inconsistencies. After a stunt person heavy resolution to the previous cliffhanger, Richard Alexander tells scheming Priscilla Lawson she might just try being nice to Buster Crabbe and Jean Rogers. So read more