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DOUBLE BILL #9: Morning Glory (1933) and Stage Door (1937)

The Old Hollywood Garden Posted by Carol Martinheira on Dec 10, 2017

DOUBLE BILL #9: Morning Glory (1933) and Stage Door (1937) On December 10, 2017December 10, 2017 By CarolIn Uncategorized Ah, the theater. That wonderful thing out there, drenched in magic and lights, that only a handful of people will break into and c read more

Katharine Hepburn Faces Fear and Fame in MORNING GLORY (1933) Recently updated !

Margaret Perry Posted by Margaret Perry on Apr 29, 2015

“Youth has its hour of glory, but too often it is only a morning glory, the flower that fades before the sun if very high.” (from MORNING GLORY (1933)) “No other star has emerged with greater rapidity or with more ecstatic acclaim. No other star, either, has become so unpopular so quickly for read more

Morning Glory (1933) (2)

Pretty Clever Films Posted by Wade Sheeler on Mar 3, 2014

Katherine Hepburn’s star was rising when she “agreed” to be in her third film, following head turning freshman and sophomore performances in 1932’s A Bill of Divorcement and 1933’s Christopher Strong. Her agent-lover Leland Hayward was able to finagle a heretofore unheard of deal with RKO read more

Morning Glory (1933) (1)

Journeys in Classic Film Posted by on Aug 26, 2013

I picked the wrong Katharine Hepburn movie for her day.  Sorry, but I found Morning Glory to be a lesson in tedium swathed in furs and jewels.  The backstage drama has been examined in countless films (I spent an entire week covering Busby Berkeley‘s far superior examples in the genre), and read more

"Morning Glory," or All About Eva

The Man on the Flying Trapeze Posted by David on Apr 24, 2013

Katharine Hepburn won a Best Actress Oscar for the 1933 film "Morning Glory," but you could be forgiven for asking if the film hurt her career as much as it helped it. As Eva Lovelace, who's come from small-town Vermont to New York City to be a capital-A actress ("I'll never, under any circumstance read more

Morning Glory

MacGuffin Movies Posted by RBuccicone on Jun 15, 2011

Morning Glory (1933)      I am a little puzzled by 1933′s Morning Glory. It was the source of Katharine Hepburn‘s first Oscar win, but the film itself is quite underwhelming and borderline bad. I also perceive this as something that had Hepburn done it later in her career, the Academy read more