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Kiss and Make-Up (1934) (2)

The Motion Pictures Posted by Lindsey on Sep 15, 2013

(Image: doctormacro.com) Maurice Lamar (Cary Grant) is a plastic surgeon who heads up a cosmetics company, doling out beauty advice to women around the world and creating brand new faces for the richest of them. Eve Caron (Genevieve Tobin) is his latest client, and she is so happy with her transform read more

Kiss and Make-up (1934) (1)

Flickers in Time Posted by Beatrice on Apr 18, 2013

Kiss and Make-up Directed by Harlan Thompson 1934/USA Paramount Pictures First viewing   Cary Grant plays Dr. Maurice Lamar, a Parisian plastic surgeon and beauty expert in high demand. ┬áHis efficient secretary Anne (Helen Mack) is in love with him. ┬áHis “masterpiece” is Eve Caron read more