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Invitation to the Dance ( 1956 )

Silver Scenes - A Blog for Classic Film Lovers Posted by The Metzinger Sisters on Apr 27, 2018

Most fans of MGM musicals of the 1950s can rattle off the titles of Gene Kelly's pictures when called upon, but I bet you 23-80 that the majority of these musical aficionados will forget to include Invitation to the Dance among those titles.  This 1956 dance extravaganza features Kelly in read more

Invitation to the Dance (1956)

The Motion Pictures Posted by Lindsey on Oct 9, 2012

(Image via Doctor Macro) Gene Kelly directs, choreographs and stars in 1956′s dialogue-free technicolor film Invitation to the Dance. The film tells three short stories, all featuring different styles of dance. Gene lets himself “Be a Clown” again in the first segment, “Circu read more

Invitation to the Dance

Café Muscato Posted by Muscato on Mar 26, 2012

54 years ago tonight, this handsome couple went for a spin at a little party after the Oscars.  Aren't they perfect?  Don't you wish they were your parents? I once saw this self-same couple, a few decades later; they were crossing the Plaza at Lincoln Center, on their way to a show at the read more