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An Unseen Enemy (1912) A Silent Film Review

Movies Silently Posted by Movies, Silently on Sep 9, 2013

101 years ago today, American audiences caught their first glimpse of the Gish sisters on the motion picture screen. This anniversary is what inspired the Gish Sisters Blogathon, co-hosted by The Motion Pictures. Be sure to check out the other amazing posts prepared for this event. Two sisters, an read more

Video: An Unseen Enemy (1912).

Noir and Chick Flicks Posted by Dawn on Nov 14, 2010

Thank you Silent, for your wonderful movie review. Lillian and Dorothy Gish give a wonderful performance in this silent film. I loved the scenes with Robert Harron. The three of them are natural actors, which you can see in this film. Great photography. read more

An Unseen Enemy (1912, Biograph)

Noir and Chick Flicks Posted by Silentfilmfanatic on Nov 13, 2010

“An Unseen Enemy” (1912) is a Biograph short directed by D.W. Griffith that is most notable for being the first film of sisters, Lillian and Dorothy Gish. Fifteen minutes in length, this exciting suspense film was probably Griffith’s most complex race to the rescue drama at the t read more