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Character actor, William Windom, was born on Sep 28, 1923 in New York City, NY. Windom died at the age of 88 on Aug 16, 2012 in Woodacre, CA .



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William Windom Quotes:

Burt Gordon: I think a toast is in order. To our host and hostess on the tenth anniversary of their horrible mistake.
[Carol Flemming makes a sound of protest]
Dr. Ray Flemming: You'd better rephrase that, counselor.
Burt Gordon: Pleasure, Your Honor. To the two finest people I ever knew. Here's to ten more years of happiness!

Burt Gordon: Any, uh, any progress so far?
Lt. Columbo: Well, it's, uh, still a little early, but, uh, you know, sooner or later, something usually breaks.
Burt Gordon: Mmm-hmm. Well, let's make that "sooner," right, Lieutenant?
Lt. Columbo: Try my best.
Burt Gordon: Yeah, I'm sure you will.

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William Windom Facts
Windom bought a small island for $1.00 in Windom, Minnesota, so named for his great-grandfather, a one-time member of Lincoln's Kitchen Cabinet. The island's a wildlife refuge.

Five-year-old William Windom was a pupil of kindergarten teacher Margaret Hamilton until she threw him out for rambunctious behavior.

Has been profiled in Chess Life magazine twice (he is a tournament player with a penchant for unusual openings; one of his positions had turned up in a Chess Life problem column before the magazine interviewed him). The second time, in 1988, he appeared with his friend, Claude Akins (who had been on "Murder, She Wrote" (1984) as "Captain Ethan Craig" the season before Windom became "Dr. Seth Hazlitt") playing a game in Windom's back yard. During an interview for the article, Windom said that he planned to have a large Rook (the castle-shaped piece) made of Nubian marble and cap it with a compass rose, "and one day my ashes will be buried underneath it".

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