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Actor, William Prince, was born William LeRoy Prince on Jan 26, 1913 in Nichols, NY. Prince died at the age of 83 on Oct 8, 1996 in Tarrytown, NY .



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William Prince Quotes:

Sailor: Pills, do you think prayers do any good?
Pills: Yes, they do. I *know* they do.

Tommy Adams: You ever want to be a real doctor, Pills?
Pills: Yeah... I was one of those college wise-guys who didn't know where he was going. Funny place to find out, on submarines.
Tommy Adams: What college did you go to?
Pills: California. Only a year. Then I signed up. I had an "A" in chemistry... so they made me a Pharmacists Mate.

Mark Williams: Your folks are gonna get quite a kick out of reading about you.
Lt. Sid Jacobs: [Taken aback] You mean all that stuff will be in the Schenectady paper?
Mark Williams: Sure. You don't mind, do you?
Lt. Sid Jacobs: Well, heck, no! What do you know, it's a small world, isn't it?
Mark Williams: Yeah, and it's getting smaller. If only more folks back home would realize that Crane Street, Schenectady runs all the way to Burma, this would be the last war.
Lt. Sid Jacobs: Amen.

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William Prince Facts
His best film role was as Christian de Neuvillette in the 1950 film version of Cyrano de Bergerac (1950), starring José Ferrer in his Oscar-winning role as Cyrano.

He appeared in many adaptations of/and original plays on TV during the Golden Age of Television, including an adaptation of "Arsenic and Old Lace" in which he played Mortimer Brewster, the role that Cary Grant played in the 1944 film version. To many modern viewers, he is primarily known as a soap opera actor.

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