Walter Fitzgerald Overview:

Character actor, Walter Fitzgerald, was born Walter Bond on May 18, 1896 in Keyhan, England. Fitzgerald died at the age of 80 on Dec 20, 1976 in London, England .


Square-faced, reliable-looking, solidly built British actor who projected honesty and integrity with gritty conviction. He abandoned a career on the Stock Exchange for studies at RADA, made his stage debut at 26 and, after a late start to his cinema career, enjoyed a particularly good run of film roles from 1942 to 1950. Also very busy in the theatre and on TV until his retirement in the late 1960s.

(Source: available at Amazon Quinlan's Film Character Actors: an Illustrated Directory).



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Walter Fitzgerald Quotes:

Katie O'Gill: Your lordship, why didn't ye tell us ye were comin'? I'd have opened the manor house for you.
Lord Fitzpatrick: Oh I'll not be stoppin' here long enough for that. Where's your father?
Katie O'Gill: Well now, let me see, um... I heard him sayin' somthin' about cuttin' the weeds around the summer house. I think he'll have gone to have the smithy sharpen his scythe. I'll fetch him for ye, your lordship.
Lord Fitzpatrick: Well, that's good of you.
[she runs off to the village]
Lord Fitzpatrick: That Katie's a grand girl. Almost makes up for her father.
Michael McBride: What ails him?
Lord Fitzpatrick: Oh nothin' at all, but he retired about five years ago and didn't tell me about it. He'll be down at the inn now tellin' stories.

Dr. Fenton: Death is like a business. It has to be attended to.

Dr. Livesey: When do we sail?
Squire Trelawney: Better ask Captain Smollett. Five days, he's been selecting a crew. Six men, all he's got to show for it.
Dr. Livesey: Cautious, eh?
Squire Trelawney: Cautious? He pries into every seaman's past like a judge at a quarter session. When I threatened to step in, he told me to hire a sea cook, so, by Jove, I did hire a sea cook, right out of his own tavern! Ha ha! Fellow by the name of Long John Silver. I didn't waste my time poring over his credentials. All the credentials I needed was a taste of his ham and his buttered eggs!

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