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Tom London Overview:

Character actor, Tom London, was born Leonard Clapham on Aug 24, 1889 in Louisville, KY. London died at the age of 74 on Dec 5, 1963 in North Hollywood, CA .



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Tom London Quotes:

Ann Bolton: What's the reason for all this violence and terrorism?
Sam Bolton: Well, honey, if we had the answers to those questions, we wouldn't have to be cleaning these firearms now.

Bill Harmon: Hi!
John Benton: How are you, stranger?
Bill Harmon: Oh, as well as can be expected, I guess.
John Benton: Well, I always say, if you keep your expectations small, your disappointments won't be so big.

[discussing a rug with pictographs embroidered on it]
Prof. Carver: What is your theory, Tom?
Tom Judson [Ch. 1]: Well, buried treasure. I still think that's kind of a plot to tell us how to find it.
Prof. Carver: Preposterous.
Tom Judson [Ch. 1]: Whatever that means. See, the trouble with you archeologists is you have too much education and not enough common horse sense.

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Tom London Facts
Although his name is sometimes listed in reference works for Edison's The Great Train Robbery (1903), he was a boy living in Louisville, Kentucky at the time that film was made in New Jersey, and does not appear in it.

Listed in the Guiness Book of World Records for having appeared in more films than any other actor (into the thousands).

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