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Tippi Hedren Overview:

Actress, Tippi Hedren, was born Nathalie Kay Hedren on Jan 19, 1930 in New Ulm, MN. As of December 2019, Tippi Hedren was 90 years old.



She was honored with one star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in the category of Motion Pictures.

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Tippi: A Memoir

on May 22, 2017 From Journeys in Classic Film

says in the introduction to her autobiography that so much has been written about her that it’s high time she set the record straight. Tippi is as succinct a title and encapsulation of the writer behind it as the name implies, for good and ill. It’s unclear whether Hedren ke... Read full article

+ New Titles Announced for 2013 TCM Classic Film Festival

By Will McKinley on Dec 11, 2012 From Cinematically Insane

“THE BIRDS is coming!” to the?TCM Classic Film Festival?next April, along with star , Turner Classic Movies announced today. The still-gorgeous, 82-year-old actress and animal activist will be in person at the fourth annual TCMFF in Hollywood April 25-28 ?for a screening hono... Read full article

and The Birds at the Redford

By Angela on Oct 2, 2012 From Hollywood Revue

Picture from the Redford’s Facebook page. In all the time that I’ve been going to classic film screenings, I have never seen a Hitchcock movie bring out a lame crowd.? Even if the movie plays midnight, people are always eager to see one of Hitch’s movies on the big screen.? So back... Read full article

In the News: on Hitchcock

By Dawn on Aug 2, 2012 From Noir and Chick Flicks

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Pawsome Pet Pictures:

By monty on Jul 11, 2012 From Noir and Chick Flicks

Tippi and her well trained friend on the set of The Birds... Read full article

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Tippi Hedren Quotes:

Mitch Brenner: Be able to find your way back all right?
Melanie Daniels: Oh, yes.
Mitch Brenner: Will I be seeing you again?
Melanie Daniels: San Francisco's a long way from here.
Mitch Brenner: Well, I'm in San Francisco five days a week with a lot of time on my hands, I'd like to see you. Maybe we could go swimming or something. Mother tells me you like to swim.
Melanie Daniels: How does Mother know what I like to do?
Mitch Brenner: I guess we read the same gossip columns.
Melanie Daniels: Oh, that. Rome.
Mitch Brenner: Yeah, I really like to swim, I think we might get along very well.
Melanie Daniels: In case you're interested, I was pushed into that fountain.
Mitch Brenner: Without any clothes on?
Melanie Daniels: With all my clothes on. The newspaper that ran that story happens to be a rival of my father's paper.
Mitch Brenner: You're just a poor, innocent victim of circumstances, huh?
Melanie Daniels: Well I'm neither poor nor innocent, but the truth of that particular...
Mitch Brenner: Truth is you were running around with a pretty wild crowd, isn't it?
Melanie Daniels: Well yes, that's the truth, but I was pushed into that fountain, and that's the truth, too.
Mitch Brenner: Uh huh. Do you really know Annie Hayworth?
Melanie Daniels: No. At least I didn't till I came up here.
Mitch Brenner: So you didn't go to school together?
Melanie Daniels: No.
Mitch Brenner: And you didn't come up here to see her.
Melanie Daniels: No.
Melanie Daniels: You were lying!
Melanie Daniels: Yes, I was lying.

Mark Rutland: Before I was drafted into Rutland's Miss Taylor, I had notions of being a zoologist. I still try to keep up with my field.
Marnie Edgar: Zoos?
Mark Rutland: Instinctual behavior.
Marnie Edgar: A lady's instinct too?

Marnie Edgar: You Freud, me Jane?

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Tippi Hedren Facts
Attended Suzanne Pleshette's funeral in 2008. They starred together in The Birds (1963).

She named one of her housecats after Sean Connery, her co-star in Marnie (1964).

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