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Tiny Sandford Overview:

Actor, Tiny Sandford, was born Stanley J. Sandford on Feb 26, 1894 in Osage, IA. Sandford died at the age of 67 on Oct 29, 1961 in Los Angeles, CA .



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Tiny Sandford Quotes:

Stanley: [after getting their prison pictures taken] If they turn out good, can I have one?
Prison Guard: Come on, get out of here!

Oliver: We're not going to the mess hall. We're not going to eat.
Prison Guard: You're not going to eat?
Stanley: No, we're on a hunger strike.
Oliver: Imfatically.
Prison Guard: What? You're going to pass up that nice, big roast turkey with chestnut dressing, and sweet potatoes Southern style, great big pans of hot biscuits, strawberry shortcake smothered in whipped cream, sprinkled with powdered sugar, with a nice, big maraschino cherry on the top of it. Course, followed by a nice, big slice of ice cold watermelon and a big, black cigar.
Stanley: Any nuts?
Prison Guard: All you can eat of 'em.
Stanley: How about postponing the strike until tomorrow?
Oliver: Well... But not one minute after tomorrow.
Prison Guard: Come on, fall in!
Stanley: [later; Stan sees their meal of gruel] Hey! What about that turkey dinner?
Prison Guard: [shouts] Sit down, you!

Porthos: Come on! There is greater adventure beyond.

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Tiny Sandford Facts
Appeared with Charlie Chaplin in 9 movies from 1916-1940

Often played a policeman or a villain

Children: Louise (1919) and Robert (1921)

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