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Timothy Dalton Overview:

Actor, Timothy Dalton, was born Timothy Peter Dalton on Mar 21, 1944 in Colwyn Bay, UK. As of December 2018, Timothy Dalton was 74 years old.



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As James Bond--Part Two

By Dan Day Jr. on Oct 7, 2012 From The Hitless Wonder Movie Blog

's next James Bond film, LICENCE TO KILL(1989), was supposed to be more in line with Dalton's tougher, more serious Bond. The story is straight out of a 1980's action movie playbook: Bond's best friend Felix Leiter has been mutilated by an evil drug lord, and Bond seeks revenge. The t... Read full article

As James Bond--Part One

By Dan Day Jr. on Oct 3, 2012 From The Hitless Wonder Movie Blog

After 1985's A VIEW TO A KILL, it was pretty obvious that Roger Moore's time as James Bond needed to come to an end. Moore was getting too old to play the part, and his version of Bond didn't seem to work anymore. Albert Broccoli and his EON Productions made the decision to cast a new actor in the r... Read full article

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Timothy Dalton Quotes:

Henry II: I want to reach a settlement. I left you with too little earlier,
Philip II: Yes, nothing is too little.

Philip II: "What If" is a game for scholars.

Prince Richard: You loved me!
Philip II: Never!

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Timothy Dalton Facts
He says that his favorite James Bond films are the first three Bond movies: Dr. No (1962), From Russia with Love (1963), and Goldfinger (1964).

Green eyes

In the "Fallen Angel" episode of "Charlie's Angels" (1976), Dalton's character, Damien Roth, is referred to as being like James Bond, which was 8 years before Dalton's first Bond outing.

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