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Actor, Tim Ryan, was born Timothy Thomas Ryan on Jul 5, 1899 in Bayonne, NJ. Ryan died at the age of 57 on Oct 22, 1956 in Hollywood, CA .



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Tim Ryan Quotes:

Sgt. Pete Karelsen: I'm getting sick and tired watching you being a stooge for Holmes.
Sergeant Milton Warden: You won't see it much longer. I'm getting sick and tired of it myself. I'm through, Pete. Any day now. And I mean it.
Sgt. Pete Karelsen: [laughing]
Sergeant Milton Warden: Listen, if Holmes let me, I'd transfer out of here tomorrow. Half a dozen companies in this regiment would grab me, and in grade, too.
Sgt. Pete Karelsen: Oh, sure. I could be Chief of Staff, too. Only I just can't think of leaving my old buddies.
Sergeant Milton Warden: Where're you going, Little Sir Echo?
Sgt. Pete Karelsen: To take my shower, if the stinking First Sergeant has no objections. Where do you think? To the movies in this towel?
Sergeant Milton Warden: Hurry up. We'll get some beer.
Sgt. Pete Karelsen: I wouldn't drink with you if it was the last beer in the world.
Sergeant Milton Warden: I'm buying.
Sgt. Pete Karelsen: That's different.

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