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Actor, Tim Matheson, was born Timothy Lewis Matthieson on Dec 31, 1947 in Glendale, CA. As of December 2019, Tim Matheson was 72 years old.



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Family Doctor: [Helen is pregnant, but Mike doesn't know] How's your mother?
Mike Beardsley: You mean my stepmother. Oh, she's fine, I guess.
Family Doctor: No morning sickness?
Mike Beardsley: No, doc, I feel fine.
Family Doctor: Not you, your mother!
Mike Beardsley: Well, why should she have mor - ? Morning sickness!
[rolls his eyes in disbelief]
Family Doctor: We need a sample of your blood.
Mike Beardsley: Take it all!

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Tim Matheson Facts
Was the voice of Jonny Quest in the "Jonny Quest" (1964) series.

When he originally auditioned for Animal House (1978), the producers wanted him to play one of the no-nonsense. straight-laced Omegas. However, he adamantly refused, saying, "I'm tired of playing it straight," and sought a role as one of the hard-partying, fun-loving Deltas. He succeeded and got the role of Otter, one of the most fun-loving Deltas of the whole film.

He met his first wife Jennifer Leak when they were co-stars in the movie Yours, Mine and Ours (1968).

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