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Actor, Sid James, was born Solomon Joel Cohen on May 8, 1913 in Hillbrow, South Africa. James died at the age of 63 on Apr 26, 1976 in Sunderland, England .



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Sid James Quotes:

Seneca: Ooh, Arab eh? I've heard they're intense lovers.
Mark Antony: Well naturally, they do everything in tents.

Captain: Flo! Ebb a bit.

Sir Sidney Ruff-Diamond: [Watching a game of Polo in India, 1895] Good shot! Well done, Phillip! He'll do well that boy, if he marries well...

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Sid James Facts
Was infamous for using branded products in the Carry On films and advertising them. In one particular film he opened a cupboard to reveal a cupboard full of Johnny Walker Red Label Scotch Whiskey.

Career prior to acting was as a top ladies' hairdresser in South Africa.

In late 1960s, he attended a showbusiness houseparty near the Thames and, according to a TV news bulletin, was the hero of the hour because fire broke out and Sid kept dashing back indoors to help others to safety. Apparently, the emergency services had to eventually restrain him from re-entering the fire.

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