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Sid James Overview:

Actor, Sid James, was born Solomon Joel Cohen on May 8, 1913 in Hillbrow, South Africa. James died at the age of 63 on Apr 26, 1976 in Sunderland, England .



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Sid James Quotes:

Gladstone Screwer: You don't have to move out, you know. It's a big bed.
Matron: Well as I told you earlier today, I'm not your sort of woman.
Gladstone Screwer: I don't mean anything nasty. I'll marry you first.
Matron: Marry me? Are you mad? Marry me in the middle of the night?
Gladstone Screwer: Where I come from it's a very simple ceremony.
[He produced a knife. Matron screams]
Gladstone Screwer: It's all right, nothing to worry about. We just make a quick cut in each other's left hand, put them together, say "We are one" and it's all legal.
Matron: Oh... I see... sort of instant wedlock?
Gladstone Screwer: That's it. Only out there they call it a bleedin' ceremony.
Matron: Yes, they often call it that here too.
Gladstone Screwer: Right, are you ready then?
Matron: No! I have no urge to marry you.
Gladstone Screwer: Oh, don't worry about that. The urge comes later!

[Charlie, not knowing that Peggy is running Glamcabs, tells her all about the planned sabotage]
Peggy Hawkins: What you're going to do is wrong, Charlie!
Charlie Hawkins: All right, so it's wrong, Charlie! And I'm a right Charlie!

Henry Holland: I said leave it.
Lackery: A ruddy waste! There's many a starving bloke'd be glad of that lot!

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Sid James Facts
Sid and Meg had a daughter Reine (named after Sid's mother)

Career prior to acting was as a top ladies' hairdresser in South Africa.

He is the father of Stephen James, a musician and sound technician who appeared on Fortran 5's debut album "Blues", in October 1991. The song "Bike" heavily sampled Sid's voice and distinctive laugh. Also, Sidney James' portrait appears on the album cover.

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