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Sid James Overview:

Actor, Sid James, was born Solomon Joel Cohen on May 8, 1913 in Hillbrow, South Africa. James died at the age of 63 on Apr 26, 1976 in Sunderland, England .



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Sid James Quotes:

[Charlie, not knowing that Peggy is running Glamcabs, tells her all about the planned sabotage]
Peggy Hawkins: What you're going to do is wrong, Charlie!
Charlie Hawkins: All right, so it's wrong, Charlie! And I'm a right Charlie!

[after Charlie gives her a fur coat]
Peggy Hawkins: Oh, Charlie! Oh, it's lovely!
Charlie Hawkins: I'll say it is. Genuine mammoth, that is.
Peggy Hawkins: Oh, don't be silly, Charlie.
Charlie Hawkins: Straight up, it said so on the shop window: "Mammoth fur sale."

Johnny Finger: [the opening scene after he shoots the three men] I wonder what they wanted?

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Sid James Facts
Frequently remembered as a former boxer, but he never actually was! People got that impression that he had been a boxer from his craggy features and bulbous nose.

Arrived in Britain on Dec 25th 1946, spending his army demob money on one-way tickets. Once described as "The man with a face like an unmade bed!". Voted (some time ago) to have the world's dirtiest laugh.

His daughter, Sue James, is a children's TV Producer.

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