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Si Jenks Overview:

Character actor, Si Jenks, was born Howard Jenkins on Sep 23, 1876 in Norristown, PA. Jenks died at the age of 93 on Jan 6, 1970 in Woodland Hills, CA .



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Si Jenks Quotes:

Vic Gordon: Glad to know you, Zeke.
Zeke Hayden [Chs. 6-7]: That makes it unanimous!

Andy Kline: Well I'll be a cross-eyed coyote!

[Jim flags down a stagecoach in the middle of nowhere and requests a ride]
Andy Kline: OK, but you'll have to give up your gun.
Jim Parker: What for?
Andy Kline: Road agents.
Jim Parker: But I'm not a road agent!
Andy Kline: Maybe not, but since these parts have become the campin' ground for every scallywag from Hades to breakfast, you can't take any chances.

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