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Sam Spiegel Overview:

Producer, Sam Spiegel, was born on Nov 11, 1901 in Jaroslau, Galicia. Spiegel died at the age of 84 on Dec 31, 1985 in St. Martin, Carribbean and was laid to rest in Beth Olom Cemetery in Queens, NY.



However he won one Honorary Award in 1963 Sam Spiegel .

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Sam Spiegel Facts
Was quite fond of Marlon Brando, who won his first Best Actor Oscar in the Spiegel-produced Best Picture winner On the Waterfront (1954). When casting Brando in The Chase (1966), Spiegel was worried that motorcycle enthusiast Brando would kill himself like James Dean had, in an accident. (Brando had had lacerated his knee while biking before filming began.) Spiegel constantly queried "Chase" director Arthur Penn as to whether Brando had brought his motorbike with him to the filming. When Brando got wind of this, he had his motorcycle brought over to the set to play a joke on Spiegel, who quickly arrived at the shooting to see that Brando didn't drive it. When Spiegel found out it was all a joke, the normally taciturn producer laughed heartily.

Garson Kanin wrote that for a while, he was known as S.P. Eagle, and that in temperament, mien, method and looks, he certainly resembled a predatory bird.

Member of the jury at the Cannes Film Festival in 1969

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