Job Actor
Years active 1926—1954
Known for Roly-poly, beaming, bespectacled; excitable or befuddled uncles, eccentric neighbors or businessmen
Top Roles Schwab, S. Z. 'Cuddles' Sakall, Geza Peyer, Felix Hofer, Adolph Hubbell
Top GenresComedy, Musical, Romance, Drama, Biographical, Action
Top TopicsRomance (Comic), Show Business, Broadway
Top Collaborators (Director), (Producer), (Director), (Producer)
Shares birthday with Elaine Stritch, Bonita Granville, George M. Merrick  see more..

S.Z. Sakall Overview:

Character actor, S.Z. Sakall, was born Jacob Gero on Feb 2, 1883 in Budapest, Austria-Hungary [now Hungary]. Sakall died at the age of 72 on Feb 12, 1955 in Los Angeles, CA .


Roly-poly and bespectacled, character actor S. Z. 'Cuddles' Sakall appeared in over 100 films, playing his share of excitable or befuddled uncles, and eccentric businessmen or neighbors. He started his career in Hungarian and German silent films and early talkies, but is probably best remembered for his Hollywood era films including The Devil and Miss Jones, Ball of Fire, Casablanca, Christmas in Connecticut, The Dolly Sisters, Yankee Doodle Dandy, Cinderella Jones and In the Good Old Summertime.

"Everything is hunky dunky!" -S. Z. Sakall

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S.Z. Sakall Quotes:

Schmidt: He's talking to a salami. He thinks it's a fan dancer.

[after observing the gambling tables at Rick's]
Customer: Are you sure this place is honest?
Carl: Honest? As honest as the day is long!

Alexander Yardley: [Elizabeth's baby needs medical attention] I don't want anything to happen to that baby. It will ruin my circulation.
Felix Bassenak: It won't do the baby no good, neither.

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S.Z. Sakall Facts
The initials preceding his name are from the Hungarian for Szoke Szakall, meaning 'blonde beard', so called because he wore one as a young actor to look older.

Because of his befuddled amiability on-screen, his trademark jowls and comical exasperation, he was nicknamed "Cuddles" and was often billed that way.

All three of his sisters perished in Nazi concentration camps.

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