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Legendary actor, Roy Rogers, was born Leonard Franklin Slye on Nov 5, 1911 in Cincinnati, OH. Rogers died at the age of 86 on Jul 6, 1998 in Apple Valley, CA and was laid to rest in Sunset Hills Memorial Park Cemetery in Apple Valley, CA.



He was honored with three stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in the categories of Television, Radio and Motion Pictures. Roy Rogers's handprints and footprints were 'set in stone' at Grauman's Chinese Theater during imprint ceremony #84 on Apr 21, 1949. In addition, Rogers was inducted into the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum and was immortalized on a US postal stamp in 2010. Rogers was never nominated for an Academy Award.

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Roy Rogers Quotes:

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[Shotgun Cassidy barges out of the telegraph office with a message in his hand]
Brett Starr: It must be important, Cassidy. Now if you could only read it...
Shotgun Cassidy: You keep your pryin' nose out of my business.
Brett Starr: That's what I'm doin'. I'm goin' to retire officially now.
Shotgun Cassidy: Yeah? Well, I'm retirin' myself. Leastways I'm leavin' town.
Brett Starr: Me, too. Dodge City's goin' to be kind of lonesome without us.
Shotgun Cassidy: I'll be glad to take a partin' shot at you to liven things up!
Brett Starr: When I go into shootin' just to take the quiet out of the air, Cassidy, I'll look you up.

Capt. Donald Mason: You know, in Mexico, they have a way of sparing prisoners of all that. When a fellow is gonna be executed, they give a chance to run for it... and shoot him when he's trying to escape. Ley de Fuga they call it, I think.
Lt. Jerry Burke: I know - the law of flight.

[Roy pretends to be an outlaw so he can scare Lee Madison into returning to the East]
Roy Rogers: Well, where's Madison?
Lee Madison: H-he didn't show up. What do you want him for?
Roy Rogers: I want his money. He's rich and I'm poor!
Lee Madison: You mean you rob from the rich and give to the poor?
Roy Rogers: Yeah, that's right. Besides, I don't like him.
Lee Madison: Why?
Roy Rogers: Did you ever read any of those awful western stories he writes?
Lee Madison: Awful?
Roy Rogers: Yeah, awful. They give us outlaws a bad name!

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Once received 78,852 fan letters in a single month.

There is a Roy Rogers & Dale Evans Museum at Branson, Missouri.

Profiled in "Back in the Saddle: Essays on Western Film and Television Actors", Gary Yoggy, ed. (McFarland, 1998).

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