Job Film, stage, television actor
Years active 1937-1969
Top Roles Marshal, Saloon Boss, Poli's Driver, Oil Worker on Train, Mechanical Man Attraction Hawker
Top GenresWestern, Action, Adventure, Drama, Romance, Crime
Top TopicsSpies, Civil War, World War II
Top Collaborators (Director), (Director), (Director), (Director)
Shares birthday with Elia Kazan, Peter Lawford, Roscoe Karns  see more..

Roy Barcroft Overview:

Character actor, Roy Barcroft, was born Howard Clifford Ravenscroft on Sep 7, 1902 in Crab Orchard, NE. Barcroft died at the age of 67 on Nov 28, 1969 in Woodland Hills, CA .


The tall, solid, dark-haired, often mustachioed western villain who always looked as if he meant business, Barcroft's florid features were probably punched more often by cowboy heroes, especially in Republic 'B' features of the 1940s, than those of any other actor. After service in World War I, the man from Crab Orchard, Nebraska, or Weeping Water, Texas (according to which biographer you believe) tried a career as a clarinetist before settling into scores of films. In later years, he grew a bushy white beard for more sympathetic character roles. An infected leg wound led to his death from cancer.

(Source: available at Amazon Quinlan's Film Character Actors: an Illustrated Directory).



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Roy Barcroft Quotes:

Brett Starr: [Brett and Gabby confront three men stealing dresses from Mary's shop] Hey, hasn't a lady got any rights around here?
Clay brother, Jed Crowley, Clay brother: Huh?
Saloon boss: Well, I'll tell you, stranger, it's every man *and* woman for himself here. We ain't had a sheriff in a month!

Capt. Mephisto: Remember, any attempt to discover which one of the owners is my true personality will result in your immediate destruction!

Capt. Mephisto: You wouldn't dare trick me?
Prof. William Forrest: Trick you? I'd kill you if I thought I could escape afterwards! As it is, I'm obeying orders.
Capt. Mephisto: Don't tax my patience too far!

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Roy Barcroft Facts
He had created such an indelible image as a western heavy that in the late 1960s, interviewers would express surprise at finding what a charming and friendly man he really was.

Considerable confusion exists concerning Barcroft's birthplace. Most sources cite Weeping Water, Texas, USA, while others cite Crab Orchard Nebraska, USA. However, Weeping Water, Texas does not exist. But Weeping Water, Nebraska, is quite near Crab Orchard, Nebraska, and it is likely that Barcroft was born in Weeping Water, Nebraska, USA, and raised in nearby Crab Orchard, Nebraska.

During his years as a freelance, Barcroft became such an asset as the villian in low budget westerns that in 1943 Republic signed him to an exclusive ten year contract.

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