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Legendary actor, Robert Shaw, was born Robert Archibald Shaw on Aug 9, 1927 in Westhoughton, Lancashire, England. Shaw died at the age of 51 on Aug 28, 1978 in Tourmakeady, County Mayo, Republic of Ireland and was cremated and his ashes scattered near his home in Ireland.



Although Shaw was nominated for one Oscar, he never won a competitive Academy Award.

Academy Awards

YearAwardFilm nameRoleResult
1966Best Supporting ActorA Man for All Seasons (1966)King Henry VIIINominated

He was honored with one star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in the category of Recording.

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Robert Shaw Quotes:

Donald "Red" Grant: We were keeping you alive until you could get us the Lektor.
James Bond: So, you had me deliver it on a silver plate? That's brilliant. Go on, I'm fascinated.
Donald "Red" Grant: Now that we've got it, you and the girl are expendable... from here onto Trieste.
James Bond: The girl? Isn't she working for SPECTRE too?
Donald "Red" Grant: No. She thinks she's doing it all for Mother Russia. She takes her orders from Colonel Klebb. And so do I.
James Bond: Rosa Klebb? But Colonel Rosa Klebb is a Russian, head of operations for SMERSH.
Donald "Red" Grant: Correction: was. Klebb works for SPECTRE now. The girl doesn't know that.
James Bond: But why kill her?
Donald "Red" Grant: Orders. That's only half of it, old man.
[Grant pulls out a roll of 8mm film and an envelope from his suit pocket]
Donald "Red" Grant: Here's a roll of film. She'll have this in her handbag. And on you they'll find this letter. It's from her, threatening to give the film to the press unless you marry her for helping you steal the Lektor.
James Bond: [confused] What film?
Donald "Red" Grant: [sneers] Taken in the bridal suite at your hotel. Something else the girl didn't know about... or you.

[Grant has just explained SPECTRE's plot for Bond]
James Bond: That must have been a pretty sick collection of minds to dream up a plan like that.
Donald 'Red' Grant: Wish you could see the headlines, "British agent murders beautiful Russian spy, then commits suicide."
James Bond: Tell me, which lunatic asylum did they get you out of?
Donald 'Red' Grant: [angered] Don't make it tougher on yourself, Mr. Bond!
[Grant slaps Bond across the face]
Donald 'Red' Grant: My orders are to kill you and deliver the Lektor. How I do it is my business. It'll be slow and painful.

Col. Martin Hessler: The Russian Front does not put meat on a man's bones.

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