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Actor, Robert Morse, was born on May 18, 1931 in Newton, MA. As of December 2018, Robert Morse was 87 years old.



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Warner Archive Blu-ray: and a Crazy Cast of Cameos in The Loved One (1965)

By KC on Jun 27, 2017 From Classic Movies

The Loved One takes a look at the superficial rot in society and gleefully flashes a pair of fangs. This satire of Hollywood, the funeral industry and grand gestures hiding devious acts jabs at corruption and greed. It's full of cameos, some performed by actors who for the most part have glossy, unc... Read full article

Warner Archive: in Quick! Before it Melts (1964) and Sandra Dee in Doctor, You've Got to Be Kidding! (1966)

By KC on Jul 6, 2015 From Classic Movies

While I'm normally wary of any film that has an explanation point in its title, I found the sixties comedies Doctor, You've Got to Be Kidding! (1966) and Quick! Before it Melts (1964) to be a lot of fun. Both are newly released on DVD from Warner Archive. Doctor, You've Got to Be Kidding is both ve... Read full article

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Robert Morse Quotes:

Dennis Barlow: They say dear Francis Hinsley, they say that you were hung. With red protruding eyeballs and black protruding tongue.

Dennis Barlow: Aimee, wait. Now... My dear girl, don't you realize? It's only been money that's been holding me back.
Aimee Thanatogenous: An American would despise himself for living off his wife.
Dennis Barlow: Yes, but you see, I'm English, and we have none of these prejudices in the older and more developed civilizations.

J. Pierpont Finch: I feel sorry for men who don't knit, they lead empty lives.

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Robert Morse Facts
Has won two Tony Awards: in 1962, as Best Actor (Musical) for "How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying," a role he recreated in the film version, How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying (1967); and in 1990 as Best Actor (Play) for "Tru," a one-man show in which he played Truman Capote and a performance he recreated on television as "American Playhouse: Tru (#12.1)" (1992). He was also nominated for Tony Awards three other times: once as Best Supporting or Featured Actor (Dramatic), in 1959 for "Say, Darling;" and twice as Best Actor (Musical), in 1960 for "Take Me Along" (an Award won by co-star Jackie Gleason) and in 1973 for "Sugar.".

Father of actresses Andrea Morse, Hilary Morse, and Robin Morse.

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