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Director, Richard Lester, was born on Jan 19, 1932 in Philadelphia, PA. As of December 2018, Richard Lester was 87 years old.



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The Three Musketeers (1973, )

By Andrew Wickliffe on Sep 7, 2019 From The Stop Button

The Three Musketeers is so much fun, you barely notice when the film takes a turn in the last thirty or so minutes. The Musketeers are on a mission?they?ve got to deliver a letter to England to save at least one lady?s honor, possibly two?and just as the film reunites them all with the promise of ac... Read full article

Superman III (1983, )

on Oct 8, 2010 From The Stop Button

Superman III–deservedly–gets a lot of flak, but it’s actually the most faithful to the comics in a lot of ways. It plays out like a late sixties, early seventies Superman comic–”The Man Who Killed Superman,” turning out to be a bumbling, generally well-meaning guy... Read full article

Superman II (1980, )

on Oct 1, 2010 From The Stop Button

There are, now, three versions of Superman II. The theatrical, an extended television version (not officially released) and original director Richard Donner’s take on it. Unfortunately, Superman II is–as a narrative and a sequel–rife with problems. Drawing attention to these proble... Read full article

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Richard Lester Facts
Member of the jury at the Cannes Film Festival in 1966

Started his creative career as TV director at CBS' WCAU-TV station, Philadelphia

Ironically, he claimed to have never even heard of the Superman character before being hired to work on the films due to comic books not being allowed in his house as a child. This led to many fans and critics suspecting and in some cases accusing Lester of not understanding and therefore not respecting the Superman character, especially judging by the satirical tone and ultimate box office failure of Superman III (1983).

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