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Ralf Harolde Overview:

Character actor, Ralf Harolde, was born Ralf H. Wigger on May 17, 1899 in Pittsburgh, PA. Harolde died at the age of 75 on Nov 1, 1974 in Santa Monica, CA .



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Ralf Harolde Quotes:

Shirley Ellison: [Trigger Stone is lying tied up on the floor] Hey, mister, your beads were lost, but I found them.
Trigger Stone: That's fine. You're a smart little girl. Now, go on, cut me loose.
Shirley Ellison: Are you playing the game, too?
Trigger Stone: Of course I am. Your old man tied me up so I couldn't peek. Let's you and me fool him.
Shirley Ellison: Do you think that would be fair?
Trigger Stone: Why, sure, it would. It'll be a big joke. We'll all bust laughing. Now, go on. Get something, and cut me loose.

Dist. Atty. Black: If you were the D.A., how would you tackle him?
Sleepy Sam, earlier mistaken for Hickory Short: I'd shoot him some night when he was trying to escape from the law.
Dist. Atty. Black: Don't be silly! Thaat isn't done!
Sleepy Sam, earlier mistaken for Hickory Short: Well, you know his weakness, don't you?
Dist. Atty. Black: What?
Sleepy Sam, earlier mistaken for Hickory Short: Heh, he's nuts for blondes. Yeah, send your wife around.
[as he exits the door]
Sleepy Sam, earlier mistaken for Hickory Short: He'll go for any old bag!

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