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Actress, Paula Prentiss, was born Paula Ragusa on Mar 4, 1938 in San Antonio, TX. As of December 2013, Paula Prentiss was 75 years old.




The Honeymoon Machine, The Horizontal Lieutenant, Man's Favorite Sport?, In Harm's Way, The World of Henry Orient, What's New Pussycat,.

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Shameless Saturday Camp Explosion - ", Ditto!"

By Muscato on Feb 16, 2013 From Café Muscato

Successful Camp... even when it reveals self-parody, reeks of self-love - Susan Sontag, "Notes on Camp" "Yvette Mimieux as herself"* - this is the kind of phrase that real camp-film aficionados - me, of course, among them - live for. And poor Paula, just a ditto... This movie appears to a nexus ... Read full article

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Paula Prentiss Film Quotes
Stella Dunnworthy: This is exactly the sort of thing George would think of, little girl detectives that no one would suspect.

Jason Eldridge: Fergie will you stop, we've known each other for years. Besides, she's got 60 million of her own.
Lt. Fergie Howard: What system do you use?
Pam Dunstan: The capitalistic system.

TV Thompson: Tuggle, are you a good girl?
Tuggle Carpenter: Please, I don't want to disillusion you or disappoint you.
TV Thompson: No, no, no, no. I won't be disillusioned or disappointed. Are you a good girl, Tuggle?
Tuggle Carpenter: [reluctantly] Ummhmm.
TV Thompson: [disillusioned and disappointed] Oh...
Tuggle Carpenter: [leaving] I knew it.

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