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Actor, Paul Douglas, was born Paul Douglas Fleischer on Apr 11, 1907 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Douglas died at the age of 52 on Sep 11, 1959 in Hollywood, CA and was laid to rest in St Pauls Churchyard Cemetery in London, England.



He was honored with two stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in the categories of Motion Pictures and Television.

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Paul Douglas Quotes:

Deborah Bishop: Have you any idea how much Lora Mae is in love with you?
Porter Hollingsway: [scornfully] No! How much?
Deborah Bishop: So much she's afraid to tell you, afraid you'd laugh at her.
Porter Hollingsway: Me laugh? She couldn't say it with a straight face. Lora Mae in love with me? It's all she can do to wait it out.
Deborah Bishop: Wait it out?
Porter Hollingsway: Yeah, like an annuity till it matures. Like a slot machine till it pays off. That's what she's waiting for. A chance to call it off, to collect. "The end of the line. Fares, please." Don't tell me about love and Lora Mae.

Rocco: What they pay to sit on each other's laps it's a crime to take.

Lora Mae Hollingsway: I've been a good wife. The best wife your money could buy.
Porter Hollingsway: Strictly cash and carry.
Lora Mae Hollingsway: Isn't that what you wanted? Isn't that what you told me? "Out in the open. You made a good deal, kid." Did you every stop to think, Porter, that in over 3 years there's one word we've never said to each other, even in fun?
Porter Hollingsway: To you, I'm a cash register. You can't love a cash register.
Lora Mae Hollingsway: And I'm part of your inventory. You can't love that, either.
Porter Hollingsway: I asked you to marry me because I was crazy about you.
Lora Mae Hollingsway: You didn't even ask me!
Porter Hollingsway: I've been a good husband. You got everything you want.
Lora Mae Hollingsway: If you'd only asked me, if you'd only made me feel like a woman instead of a piece of merchandise!
Porter Hollingsway: Did you give me a chance to? All you ever showed me was your price tag.

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Paul Douglas Facts
He was cast in "Twilight Zone" (1959) episode "The Mighty Casey" to play the baseball team manager, a role specifically written for him by Rod Serling, based on his character in Angels in the Outfield (1951). Unfortunately, he died the week the episode was filmed and was replaced by Jack Warden, when refilming became necessary. Interestingly, the script seems not to have been changed as there are several lines that seem to evoke Douglas' manager character. Even Warden seems to be trying to play the character as Douglas would.

He turned down the chance to play the part of Harry Brock in Born Yesterday (1950), the successful movie adaptation of the stage play in which he created this role. He found the part had been considerably reduced for the film. The Harry Brock role went to Broderick Crawford.

Billy Wilder, while writing the script of The Apartment (1960) with his collaborator I.A.L. Diamond, intended the part of Jeff D. Sheldrake to be played by Douglas in the film. Douglas was cast in the role, but unfortunately, passed away before shooting began. Wilder then re-cast the role of the caddish Mr. Sheldrake with Fred MacMurray, who had successfully played against type in Wilder's Double Indemnity (1944).

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