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Actor, Patrick Wayne, was born Patrick John Morrison on Jul 15, 1939 in Los Angeles, CA. As of December 2018, Patrick Wayne was 79 years old.



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Patrick Wayne Quotes:

Charlie Anderson: What about you, James? You ever think you might like to own a slave?
James Anderson: Well, I guess I never thought about it, Pa.
Charlie Anderson: Well, think about it! Think about it! If you had money would you go out and buy a slave?
James Anderson: No sir, I wouldn't.
Charlie Anderson: Why not?
James Anderson: Well, if I can't do my own work with my own hands it'd never get done.

Hatfield Carnes: Had to shoot me a Mexican.
Deputy Santiago: He's dead!
Sheriff Jim Ellison: Give me your gun.
Hatfield Carnes: You ain't seem to get the right of it. I had to shoot him.
Sheriff Jim Ellison: Nothin' personal, Hat. Let's have the gun.
Hatfield Carnes: What? For shootin' a Mexican?
Sheriff Jim Ellison: For shootin' a man.

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Patrick Wayne Facts
Uncle of Brendan Wayne.

Son of John Wayne and Josephine Alicia Saenz.

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