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Patricia Ellis Overview:

Actress, Patricia Ellis, was born on May 20, 1916 in Birmingham, MI. Ellis died at the age of 53 on Mar 26, 1970 in Kansas City, MO .



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By Art on May 21, 2011 From Classic Cinema Gold

was born Patricia Leftwich on May 20, 1916 in Birmingham, Alabama. By her early teens, Patricia had left school and began a stage career. While appearing on stage in New York City, she was given a film test and signed a contract with Warner Brothers in 1932. After a couple uncredited ... Read full article

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Patricia Ellis Quotes:

Mrs. Hardy: [coming back from store] So you were only going to be gone an hour!

Mrs. Hardy: [adorably] And make that hour short.

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Patricia Ellis Facts
Stepdaughter of actor and theatrical producer Alexander Leftwich.

Aunt of D. David Morin, sister of Marty Morin.

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