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Actress, Pat Crowley, was born Patricia Crowley on Sep 17, 1933 in Olyphant, PA. As of December 2021, Pat Crowley was 88 years old.



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Molly Thatcher: Now, why do you suppose Mr. Bear wants me to fight off a large Texan?
Eloise Cott: You think he's got more than business on his mind?
Molly Thatcher: Every man has sex on the brain, like it's some sort of wonder drug... a cure-all for everything: colds, pleurisy, arthritis. I even had a guy once tell me that sex prevents cavities.
Eloise Cott: Cavities? In your teeth?
Molly Thatcher: Sure. When you're tense, you have more acids in your mouth; and acids eat enamel. When you get rid of the tension, you get rid of the acids. And the best way to get rid of tension...
Eloise Cott: Don't tell me! let me guess.

Ann: [to Vinnie] It's funny. I'm positive your father hasn't done a thing to be ashamed of, but, you know something, I wouldn't blame him if he had.

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Pat Crowley Facts
Performed summer stock in New England during her teen years. Her older sister Ann Crowley was also an actress and musical performer.

Met her future husband, Ed Hookstratten, while appearing on the Los Angeles stage in "Kiss Me Kate" while she was filming Hollywood or Bust (1956).

Mother of Jon Hookstratten (born May 5, 1958) and Ann Hookstratten (born December 21, 1960).

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