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Actor, Onslow Stevens, was born Onslow Ford Stevenson on Mar 29, 1902 in Los Angeles, CA. Stevens died at the age of 74 on Jan 5, 1977 in Van Nuys, CA .



He was honored with one star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in the category of Motion Pictures.

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Onslow Stevens Quotes:

Emir Hassan: [to Feroud] We do not fight to win. You will win, but it will be a victory you will regret.

Brig. Gen. Robert O'Brien: [making a public broadcast] A couple of months ago in the desert of New Mexico, gigantic ants were discovered. These ants are similar in appearance and characteristics to the household and garden pests you are familiar with, except that they are mutations ranging in size from nine to twelve feet in length. The New Mexico colony was destroyed, but two queen ants escaped. One has been accounted for and destroyed. The other has not yet been found but is now known to have established a nest somewhere in the storm drains beneath the streets of Los Angeles. It is not known how long this nest has been established or how many of these lethal monsters have hatched. Maybe a few, maybe thousands.

Col. Feroud: Why don't you do both? Take the money and kill me too.
Emir Hassan: You want to die? Why do you want to die?
Col. Feroud: I only want to arrange a truce. Cease fire for 24 hours, so that Syrians and Frenchmen can sit together.
Emir Hassan: And what shall we discuss, the terms of our surrender?
Col. Feroud: We can try to settle our differences according to the dignity of man.
Emir Hassan: There is dignity in men who are willing to give their lives for what they believe in.
Col. Feroud: Men needn't die to prove their dignity.
Emir Hassan: You're asking me to surrender!
Col. Feroud: I'm asking you to consider your people. An effort must be made. We must make some effort! Otherwise, we're not civilized men. Perhaps we'll fail and the war will go on, but at least we will have tried. That's all I want.
Emir Hassan: Colonel, you are a fool.
Col. Feroud: I come to talk of peace and understanding and you call me a fool?
Emir Hassan: Yes, Colonel. I respect you, but you are a dreamer and a fool.

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Onslow Stevens Facts
An avid nudist. Stevens would often try to convince his fellow cast members of the health benefits associated with naturalism.

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