Job Actor
Years active 1920-1952
Known for Bumbling English aristocrats, husbands, military types, society snobs
Top Roles Beaky, William S. Gilbert, Doctor Watson, Doctor Watson, Dr. Tuttle
Top GenresDrama, Mystery, Romance, Comedy, Crime, Adventure
Top TopicsBook-Based, Detectives, England
Top Collaborators (Director), (Producer), , (Director)
Shares birthday with Ida Lupino, George A. Romero, Walter Catlett  see more..

Nigel Bruce Overview:

Character actor, Nigel Bruce, was born William Nigel Ernle Bruce on Feb 4, 1895 in Ensenada, Mexico. Bruce died at the age of 58 on Oct 8, 1953 in Santa Monica, CA .


Nigel Bruce was a British actor (born in Mexico) who carved out a career for himself playing well-meaning bumbler-fumblers and husbands. His 'Doctor Watson' in the Sherlock Holmes films of the 1930s and 1940s, although excellent at first, tended to drift into caricature in later films. Nigel also appeared in two Hitchcock classics, "Rebecca" (as 'Major Giles Lacy') and "Suspicion" (as 'Beaky'). He died from a heart attack at age 53.

(Source: available at Amazon Quinlan's Illustrated Dictionary of Film Character Actors).



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Nigel Bruce Quotes:

Col. Bruce 'Bunny' Willowbrook: There are only two kinds of men: those who admit they like women, and liars.

Dr. McLean: There's a good guest... brings his own cook and his own bedroom!

Dr. McLean: I've seen more game in the streets of Glasgow.

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Nigel Bruce Facts
In May 1945 Bruce underwent surgery for varicose veins in his legs as a result of his war injuries.

Two daughters: Jennifer and Pauline

Best known for his inimitable, forever-indelible portrayals of a most blithering Dr. John Watson opposite Basil Rathbone's Sherlock Holmes in Universal's World War II-era Holmes films.

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