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Nestor Paiva Overview:

Character actor, Nestor Paiva, was born Nestor Caetano Paiva on Jun 30, 1905 in Fresno, CA. Paiva died at the age of 61 on Sep 9, 1966 in Hollywood, CA .



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Nestor Paiva Quotes:

Gregor: The Inspector General. Yes, he has full power from the Emperor himself. And wherever he finds bribery and corruption, there the gallows and the firing squad go to work. More.
[the newly deposed Mayor of Klimenti is immediately given more wine to calm him]
The Mayor: What does he look like, this Inspector General?
Gregor: Who knows? A man of mystery. Five days he was in our midst and no one even suspected it. He went everywhere, saw everything, and uncovered such corruption that even I was shocked.

The Morgan Twins: [in unison] Mr. Wade? We're playing in Jersey City. Can you catch our act? We're the Morgan Twins.
Max Wade: When you're triplets, come back and see me.

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Nestor Paiva Facts
Father of Caetana Paiva and Joseph Paiva.

Parents Francisco Caetano Paiva and Marianna Luiza Freitas were Portuguese immigrants. Nestor was the tenth of twelve children -- half of them dying in infancy. His parents owned a grocery store in Fresno.

Took a job at Lockheed Aircraft in Burbank during the WWII effort.

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