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Actress, Nella Walker, was born on Mar 6, 1886 in Chicago, IL. Walker died at the age of 85 on Mar 22, 1971 in Los Angeles, CA .



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Nella Walker Quotes:

Mrs. Agatha Mogan: There is a compulsory education law in this state, and this child is old enough.
Helen: How can she know how old I am? We don't even know ourselves.
Mrs. Agatha Mogan: From what I've observed, this child is being brought up completely without control. She's rude and undisciplined, like a little heathen. Look at the clothes she wears. Not even a dress!
Capt. January: What business is that of yours? Star is mine!
Mrs. Agatha Mogan: You forget that Star is adopted, Captain January. It's well within the power of the school authorities to have her taken away from you and placed in an institution.

Mrs. Agatha Mogan: Who is that child?
Mary: She's the adopted daughter of Captain January, the lighthouse keeper. Isn't she a pretty little thing?
Mrs. Agatha Mogan: Does she go to school?
Mary: Well, no. You see, the former truant officer wasn't very strict.
Mrs. Agatha Mogan: That's why she's the former truant officer. You schoolteachers will find me strict enough.

Lawrence Tyburt Patterson Jr: [in opera house box] In his autumn 'fore the winter comes man's last mad surge of youth
Mrs. Ella Patterson: What on earth are you talking about?

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Nella Walker Facts
Chicago-born former salesgirl Nella Walker started in show business as a vaudeville performer with her husband Wilbur Mack, notably in "Little Bits of Everyday Life". She made her film debut in 1929 and was quickly typecast as frilly-laced and snobbish upper-crust society matrons. Although she usually played Margaret Dumont-type characters, she was also, on occasion, reduced to becoming the foil to slapstick comedy acts, such as Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy and Bud Abbott and Lou Costello. She remained an extremely busy supporting actress until her final role as Humphrey Bogart's and William Holden's mother in Sabrina (1954).

Was once a part of a husband-and-wife vaudeville team with Wilbur Mack billed as "Mack & Walker."

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